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I've been using Binance for about 5 months now. My start at the cryptocurrency world started with Binance, and what an amazing start. I obviously started with Binance because of its wide popularity and since it's the biggest crypto exchange platform. But I discovered it's more than that... So let's start with the most important thing for me when using a new platform, which is simplicity, and oh boy that's exactly what Binance provided. Being new to cryptocurrencies and knowing the risks it involves, it's normal to feel a bit anxious, but seeing how simple it is to trade and invest so easily made my start much more relaxing and smooth. So, let's start from the beginning when I signed up. The sign-up process was so easy and not in any way complicated, which was surprising for me to be honest. This helped me get into the practical side of cryptocurrencies quickly and without any problems technically. Now to have more capabilities, I had to verify my account, which is called intermediate verification (Note that NOW the intermediate verification is when you sign up), it required a picture of the password or id, a photo of me, and lastly face authentication which is just moving your face in certain ways. In the beginning, my verification got rejected multiple times, but thankfully Binance tells you what's the exact problem, and the response to my verification request was in just about 10 minutes. The idea is that these processes were very easy to go through. Now talking about security. Binance provides many options regarding security and it always encourages you to use more security options. These security options are simple but very effective, one of them being Google authenticator, which is basically a code connected to your Gmail that changes every 30 seconds, and when you try to transfer or deposit crypto, and so on. Trading and buying cryptocurrencies on Binance is actually very simple and with a lot of helpful options and you can see the stats of each cryptocurrency in a clear way. Also, the trading fees are very low. Another amazing thing about Binance is customer support. When I encountered some issues at the beginning I was constantly approaching customer support, it didn't take much time for them to reply, and they were very helpful. As I mentioned Binance is not just a crypto exchange platform, it also has an academy, this academy contains a lot of blogs related to different topics in crypto and blockchain, and what I found incredible is that these blogs were categorized in terms of expertise (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). And it has so much more services related to NFTs, Research and more. But here are the issues I have with Binance. First of all, I didn't find the Binance app in my play store (I'm an Android user), but found it in the app store. Another thing is that I wasn't able to buy crypto via my card, and there was nothing explaining why exactly. 전체 리뷰보기

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This review is from my experience using Metamask extension, not the app. I have been using Metamask for about four months now, and it's been a satisfying experience honestly. First of all the signing up was very smooth. It emphasizes security A LOT, from the beginning when you sign up. the interface is very friendly and obvious, and you can see your address at the top, and just on click on it it will be copied, which I found very helpful. Now for developers, it's so easy to switch between networks, for example, if you are a blockchain developer you will be testing on a test network, so if you want to switch to a test network it's just two clicks away, and also adding a network is simple. Now here's my issue with Metamask, first of all, When I buy coins from a Defi, it's a bit messy, I can't see the logo of the currency, and sometimes I when I buy coins, some errors appear that I don't know the reason for, so things got a bit confusing for me at the beginning. Another thing is that on the Metamask website there is no single place to swap coins and see their stats (but you can see a swap button in every added currency) and you can't see how much your assets gained or lost. But other than that Metamask has been satisfying so far.전체 리뷰보기

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Trust Wallet

As a newbie in cryptocurrency I always wanted to dive into small, new coins and tokens not just the ones that make it Binance an so I dived into into trust wallet, it was very simple to adapt to and use, the interface is very easy to look at and engage with its functions, browsing Dapps is very easy and in just few clicks. The fun thing also was that I can exchange in a separate section and see the prices and all. A function that I really liked was that I can add another trust wallet in the app and navigate between them easily from the settings and finally the dark mode. Now the drawback is in the exchange option there are a lot of coins and tokens with different blockchains (BEP20,ERC20...) so it gets confusing sometimes for people that doesn't know which blockchain network they got the cryptocurrency from. Also so there's no password or touch id required when accessing the app.전체 리뷰보기

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