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Today I want to talk about Kucoin, another cryptocurrency world. Kucoin managed to gain a great place in the world in this field. One out of every 4 world investors is using kucoin today. First, as usual, I want to talk about its advantages and interface. With his own money, he gets half a discount on the commission. It's a Bonus gift. Creating an account with Kucoin is very easy. After you have verified the e-mail, you are now a member here. One of my favorite things about kucoi is that it has Turkish support on some of its pages. After creating an account, you will be strengthened in the Settings section of your security site. Kucoin will tell you what to do. A two-factor safety application will then be found. Even if your password is stolen, no one can access your account without the square code given to you at this stage. But if you lose this code, you may not be able to access it either. It's pretty easy to transfer money from different exchanges here. There are seconds between starting and finishing the process. If I need to mention its content for users who are new to KuCoin, kucoin will ask you to create a buy sell password to be able to buy sell.(trading password) this transaction makes the account we have secured more secure. If you have used Binance before, the interface will not be too unfamiliar to you. Because their interfaces are quite similar. You can do 3 kinds of buying and selling. Kucoin can determine who gives you the best price at that moment, sell your bitcoins when it reaches the figure you set, and sell your bitcoins again with your instructions if it falls below the figure you set. Besides all this, the best part is that it has a mobile app. This is really important. If you haven't tried it yet, you should download it and enter this world right now. You'll see for yourself that it's reliable, easy and advantageous.전체 리뷰보기

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Revain is a review platform that aims to be a neutral environment for customers to publish their reviews and opinions. It gives companies the opportunity to be judged impartially from many people. It offers readers the opportunity to see from different points of view and viewpoints, and Revain pays its users. It's pretty easy to become a Revaine member. To avoid fake accounts, it is necessary to verify each account with a number. When short membership is complete, you can switch to creating your profile. You can access topics in categories where you can write your comments. You can enter this world by writing a comment about the company that you previously had the opportunity to review and opinions. In addition to the reviews you write about the company, you can also specify your ideas and opinions under users ' comments. Revain expects users to communicate their views impartially. I read that he developed artificial intelligence to prevent fake reviews. Companies have the right to refuse a user's review, although users can freely express their views. At the same time, the reviewer can also reject it. In this case, Revain actually protects Revain companies, users and readers at the same time. Revain is the first and only cryptocurrency to have created a platform to report customer reviews. That's what makes it valuable. If you ask me my opinion, Revain tokens will experience a large increase in the future, even if not now. I'm sure your investors will laugh at you.전체 리뷰보기

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