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Block Tides

Block Tides is a public relations firm for blockchain, technology, crypto-currency, iOT, AI, and DeFi, as well as emerging technologies. I found the platform very functional and I think there are several other reasons to choose the Block Tides, which includes the numbers of success result showcased by the company. Block Tide boasts of having successfully conducted well more than 50 Fintech and blockchain summit in the Asian continent alone. And has also accumulated a lot of positive results working for Tech and DeFi companies, Blockchain numbering over 100, as well as both local and international projects. I also find it's marketing strategies very much effective, both the content marketing and the influencer marketing. The content marketing has been effective in helping startups and companies to increase traffic on their websites, connecting users straight from the online marketing channels to the company's website. The influencer marketing offered by Block Tide too is another interesting and effective feature, it has also helped users gain the attention of ideal audience through its large number of followers and strong brand reputation.전체 리뷰보기

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Crypto Task

Crypto Task is a decentralized blockchain freelance market ecosystem, it was founded by Ivan Nanut, Vedran Kajic, and Klemo Vladimir. The aim of this establishment is that, it was founded basically to benefit freelancers, the platform focused it services on how to help freelancers and companies rethink how their businesses are been done. The beauty of using the services from Crypto Task platform is that, it uses a blockchain technology solution in offerering SmartContract to users. The benefit of this is that, it provides users with reduced fee and legal overhead which is a good one because it gives both the hiring company and the applicant the opportunity to connect peer to peer. It also makes it faster and cheaper to resolve job related dispute. Another benefit i observed about the platform is that it's services serves across a wide categories of businesses and online jobs, which includes translations, writing, softwares developments, marketing, sales, legal, graphics and web designs, general development and many others.전체 리뷰보기

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Canuck Volleyball

Canuck Volleyball is an online platform (although also operates a physical walk-in store) that offers sales and supplies of sporting goods products, the company is a Canada based and operated platform which specializes in providing users with high quality Volleyball equipments and other related sporting accessories. The good thing about this shopping outlet is that it offers these products in various categories which includes shoes, apparels, volleyball equipments for indoor and beach, bags and carts, volleyballs, nets, and so on. It also offers sales of relative accessories like misc, ankle braces, kneepads and sleeves, socks, among others. The website design of this company too is a fascinating one, it makes shopping easier for users. From navigating through the pages to finding the desired products of choice, the user interface is very friendly and it's feature too which I really enjoyed.전체 리뷰보기

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Bonsai Cricket is an European Cricket brand based and operated in the Netherlands. This online store offers a lot of fascinating services which I really appreciates, an example of this is the same day dispatch service that if offers. Which means that when order are placed, the company makes sure to start the shipping process that same day as long as the products are in stock. Another Fascinating service that Bonsai Cricket offers which I enjoy is the fast delivery service, it takes just 3 to 5 days to deliver products to regions within the European continent which is a good one. The platform is very easy to use, the products are well grouped in categories making it easy for users to navigate through the product's pages The products too are offered at affordable prices which make it accessible to everyone. I love the services offered here and I enjoyed every bit of it.전체 리뷰보기

nudie glow 로고

Nudie Glow

Nudie Glow is an Australian leading Korean beauty and skin-care products store, it offers quality products across varying categories of skincare and beauty products. I really like how this platform is designed, it presents to users an easy and comfortable way of shopping. The website user interface is friendly and easy to navigate through the pages without any operational difficulty. The products too are very awesome, they cover all the categories needed ranging from skincare, to make-up, and so many others with several quality and popular brands to shop like E Nature, DewyTree, Innisfree, Herbnote, HaruHaru Wonder, Moonshot, Neogen, Mediheal, J. One, Klairs, Son and Park, Rovectin, Purito, Skinfood, Tiam, VT Cosmetics, among many others. Another good thing about the platform is that it also accepts several payment methods like paypal, MasterCard, Visa, and some others which I really appreciates because it makes the payment process less stressful. As a wholesale customer, I still enjoy some other discounted benefits. It a good platform.전체 리뷰보기

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Onebit Ventures

Onebit Ventures is a community ecosystem platform designed to help users gain access to DeFi platforms and investing in a very easy and safe way with a cost-effective method. It was founded in 2020 and it has a token, called OBT token which serves as the governance token and the propeller of the Onebit Ventures platform ecosystem. There are several benefits I discovered about using this Onebit Ventures platform which i will only just mention few of them now. One of it is that, it uses a sharing economy model, which is being used primarily to provide users with profit sharing, and also providing them with a better liquidity farming. It also offers to crypto farmers and experts other liquidity related services which is a good one. Another benefit it offers is that, it allows depositors to provide market liquidity which enable them to earn a huge amount of income in it's OBT token form. It also offers a farming, mining, and staking pool where BSC swap users are able to participate in the liquidity farming and staking program to help grow benefit for OBT token holders.전체 리뷰보기

terra virtua marketplace 로고

Terra Virtua Marketplace

Terra Virtua Marketplace is an NFT marketplace where users can discover, buy, collect, and trade digital collectibles. It is the first immersive digital Collectibles platform in the world today, revolutionizing the concept of collecting. The beauty of using this platform is that, it is developed with an exciting ecosystem which allows interactivity, social and community to collections which open up new possibilities to users. It also has an AR app feature which allows users to bring Virtual collectibles into the real world by capturing photos or videos of their digital creations and sharing it on any social media platform of their choice. Another benefit I observed Terra Virtua Marketplace offers to users is the authenticity of every digital creation on the platform, the blockchain technology used helps in securing all collectibles, making these digital creations unique, authentic and truely ownable.전체 리뷰보기

mrsudani ltd 로고


MRSUDANI LTD is an online shopping platform for varieties of gaming services, it offers sales and supplies of game cards, entertainment cards, and watch cards, game recharge cards, store cards, and many others. The beauty of shopping on this platform is that the products are offered at a very cheap prices when compared to what is being offered at other online shopping platform, which had made it affordable and accessible to everyone to get. Another good thing about the services of MRSUDANI LTD is that, it's order processing service is very fast, users doesn't have to wait for a long time to get their orders processed. The platform also operates a 24/7 customer support service which is a very good one, because this helps provide guide and support for users throughout the day. And coupled with that is the live chat feature available on the platform, they have really made communication with the customer service more easier and efficient. But the return policy put in place is nothing to write about, I think the company should work on that. With such policy, I don't think anyone would want to come and shop on the platform.전체 리뷰보기

nft showroom 로고

NFT Showroom

NFT Showroom is the only Hive Blockchain based digital art marketplace, this NFT marketplace is focused at serving the art community which includes creators and collectors by providing them with the features to perform purchase transactions and also promotes each other's artwork. The platform was launched last year (2020) and it is a brainchild of Julia k. Ponsword. I see NFT Showroom as a good platform to use because of the users satisfaction oriented service it offers. for example, when it comes to fee and charges, it is very considerate. The platform collects a 10% commission enabling fee for every successful buys of NFTs which is to be paid by the buyer. And should a second sales of the same item occurs, the NFT Showroom offers artists what they call "royalty fee", where the secondary buyer too will still have to pay a 10% commission which will now be divided between the marketplace and artist. This % return that goes to the original Creator of the artwork is what we referred to as the royalty fee. Another fascinating feature of this platform is the "Proof-of-Art" if offers. The beauty of this is that it enables artists to register their digital creations and issue a rare token which is a Proof-of-Art, that will be traded on the marketplace and it does not require any gas fee. I love every aspect of this NFT Showroom.전체 리뷰보기

ghostmarket 로고


GhostMarket is an NFT marketplace with a core features of being the first cross-chain marketplace which has support for the NEO Blockchain Network and the Phantasma Blockchain Network. The platform was established in 2020 by the GhostDevs community. The GhostMarket platform presents a lot of benefits for users which artists would enjoy. An example of this is that the platform is designed in a way that it provides artists with opportunity to create a marketplace their NFTs free of charge. That is no listing fee nor marketplace fee is required from them. What the platform does is that after every successful sale of any NFT, a 2% fee of the NFT's sales price is been charged(i.e if an NFT worth of £100 is to be purchased, the collector will have to pay £102. Which is normal price+percentage fee = 100+2% = 102) for enabling the sale which is normally paid by the buyer. Considering the features of this platform, I think it is a great platform to be for artists.전체 리뷰보기

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