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sony wh 1000xm4 canceling headphones phone call accessories & supplies 로고

Sony WH 1000XM4 Canceling Headphones Phone Call Accessories & Supplies

Guys, I'll start right away with a comment: I waited for the headphones for a long time, read reviews, watched reviews and they are very different. Audiophiles talk about $100 mediocre sound Tech bloggers praise for functionality But to be honest, I bought headphones primarily to listen to music and I want to say that the sound quality is really mediocre, well, that is, the bass is of course very powerful, and the highs seem to be good, there is a middle, there is even a stage, but the sound is very soapy, as if in low resolution, hissing so cold, like on headphones bought in an underground passage for 100. I repeat the scene is there, but some instruments are heard from afar, very quietly and not clearly. In fairness, I confess that I love a detailed warm sound, I love when subtleties are played out in my favorite music, unfortunately this is not here. The sound is deaf and not elastic. Before that, I had JBL Club One headphones, but after the girl broke them into pieces, I chose these and was honestly disappointed. In JBL Club One, the sound was warmer, cleaner, it was elastic, detailed and sonorous (although after warming up, I am writing this review after listening to the new Sony one evening, maybe I will correct the review if these warm up too). But even in the off state, JBL played much better, although with the same features they cost half the price. My verdict is this: Sony is not worth the money, you can choose headphones with a cleaner and better sound for the money, and most likely there will still be noise-canceling earplugs for outdoor and sports. Perhaps my conclusions are incorrect, but this is my subjective opinion. Sonya will sell I will attach a photo of the broken JBL Club One as proof that this is not a purchased JBL review 전체 리뷰보기

aftershokz open ear wireless conduction headphones 로고

AfterShokz Open Ear Wireless Conduction Headphones

Before that, I used the Trekz Air model for about 3 years almost around the clock: at work, at home, on the street. Of course, you feel them on your head, ears, but discomfort, irritation appeared only when you wore glasses for a long time for several hours, or when you put on a mask about half an hour later. All the same, ears are not hooks :) In general, "Tracks" left only positive impressions, so I decided to take a newer and lightest model, Aeropex, as a replacement. As soon as I received and unpacked, I immediately changed Tracks to Pex: the feeling is something akin to when I got used to wearing winter boots for a long time, and now I finally put on light sneakers for the first time! The headphones themselves, i. E. it is the part that presses against the head and sounds, they are noticeably smaller and ''narrower than those of the Tracks. They are also lighter and a little more comfortable on the ears: I wore them all the second half of the day until late at night without any discomfort. I recommend! :) Pecs are lighter, smaller, more comfortable. The charge lasts longer, water protection is much better. Convenient magnetic charging.전체 리뷰보기

acer chromebook aluminum 14 inch cb3 431 c0ak 로고

Acer Chromebook Aluminum 14 Inch CB3 431 C0AK

I bought it for working with documents, browsing social networks, watching videos, participating in video conferences. I have been using it for three months very actively, several hours a day, it has never let me down. The connection during zoom out is always stable. The only thing I use to improve the sound is a speaker, I connect via bluetooth. I also managed to buy it for only 16,000. People do not believe that such a quality workhorse could be bought for such money.전체 리뷰보기

lenovo legion display keyboard accessories 로고

Lenovo Legion Display Keyboard Accessories

For a very long time I chose a combine for work and at home. The latest were Omen, Helios, Legion. I got Legion at a discount. Excellent machine. Build, weight - everything is fine. Of course, it"s a pity there was no screen at 144Hz, I took the usual one. Even the basic screen is high quality, 300 nits. Not heated in games above 85 degrees cpu, 65 gpu. Great keyboard - easy to type on. The weight is acceptable. The biggest jamb - the screen bends if you open it around the corner.전체 리뷰보기

logitech trackman marble four button programmable 로고

Logitech Trackman Marble Four Button Programmable

This is my first trackball. The first sensations were strange, and by the evening I planned to return it to the store. But I decided to use it for a few days for the sake of experiment. As a result, I don’t want to switch back to the mouse. The hand lies in one position all the time, there is no need to make unnecessary movements - it is convenient. In addition, the ball kneads the palm well. And you can also twist it to relieve stress. At first, the ball was spinning a bit tight, but after a week it got used, and it began to spin much easier. New drivers allow you to scroll by holding one of the additional keys. But I adapted to simply move the cursor to the right - to the scroll bar, and scroll the page by spinning the ball with the cursor pressed. A little less convenient compared to the scroll wheel of a conventional mouse, but more smoothly, and you can spin the ball with inertia to scroll down the page. So for surfing the Internet, simple text programs and Photoshop with an illustrator, this trackball fits well. There can be problems with 3d editors if you work with special programs that use the scroll wheel to rotate objects or some other functions, it is better to keep a regular mouse on the table in addition to the trackball. PS This trackball is easy to find on sale. But personally for my average hand, the shape is not ideal. I plan to try Kensington in the future (it has a different shape and has a scroll wheel).전체 리뷰보기

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