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logitech widescreen calling recording desktop 로고

Logitech Widescreen Calling Recording Desktop

Why did Logitech put a 3MP sensor on this webcam, although the previous model had 5MP? Unfortunately, the reduction in the placement capacity of the sensor negatively affected the image quality, and software processing, coupled with the Carl Zeus lens, can only level the difference to the video quality of the previous model. I personally was disappointed with the quality of the video. The real price of this webcam is a maximum of전체 리뷰보기

lenovo thinkpad thunderbolt dock 40ac0135us 로고

Lenovo Thinkpad Thunderbolt Dock 40AC0135US

Just one USB Type-C in a laptop - three monitors to the docking station, as well as a keyboard, trackball, network and headphones. With appropriate preparation of the workplace, you can generally remove the laptop from the table - the complete Type C wire is about a meter long. However, if you connect the docking station and native charging to the laptop at the same time, then it will apparently be powered by charging, but the battery will be charged from the docking station via Type C. The reason for such a strange switching, most likely, is the weak charging of the docking station - it is equipped with a 90-watt charger, while charging my laptop is 135 watts, and if you connect only the dock to it, station, the battery will DISCHARGE under heavy loads. There are also difficulties when exiting sleep mode: the laptop does not always respond to the keyboard connected to the docking station; sometimes reacts, but opens the password entry field only on a mouse click; sometimes the docking station does not wake up the monitors connected to it - you have to re-plug the station into the laptop. You need to get used to waking up the laptop with the power button on the docking station. In the third week, some kind of throttle began to whistle with a fully charged battery. My summary: use only if there are not enough connectors on the laptop, or you need to remove the laptop from the workplace, otherwise it’s better not to spend on him money. Given the lack of power, it may be wiser to buy a good port replicator that will still be cheaper than this docking station.전체 리뷰보기

microsoft wireless desktop 3050 pp3 00001 로고

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3050 PP3 00001

in general, this is better than the mouse i ordered from china, for the sensor in it turned out to be complete junk. right there for relatively little money we have a keyboard mouse of good quality, the purpose of buying a kit is to get the laptop off your lap. yes, i have it big, heavy - very uncomfortable. now the problem is solved. but there were others. 1. the buttons on the keyboard are very soft, a little unusual after the laptop, you have to get used to it. 2. letters are almost indistinguishable - a big minus! 3. impossible to adjust mouse pointer sensitivity - there is no such option in the standard application! yes, you can customize macros, commands, and much more, but pointer sensitivity! i really miss pointer speed. on my old chinese mouse, you could instantly change the dpi with the central button. 4. the size of the receiver is huge, i took a photo. 5. very poor technical implementation of the mouse wheel. im deducting another point for this. conclusion: for me, this option is a compromise, but not ideal.전체 리뷰보기

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