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hp processor graphics bluetooth accessories computers & tablets 로고

HP Processor Graphics Bluetooth Accessories Computers & Tablets

I want to introduce you to my attitude to the product HP Processor Graphics Bluetooth Accessories. Less than a month experience. I chose this device for the price / functionality ratio. I wanted a large screen and a fairly modern processor that can pull out games and at least basic software packages, but not overpay for the new market brand. And then you look, frankly, the average quality. but since it came out a couple of months ago, the price has almost doubled. Works great, no glitches. In short, it did not lose, it costs its money, I recommend it.전체 리뷰보기

apple ipad mini 4 computers & tablets 로고

Apple IPad Mini 4 Computers & Tablets

The tablet turned out great. I want to carry it with me all the time. The fact that it is small is super convenient. The golden mean between a large and heavy tablet on the one hand and a smartphone, the display size of which is sometimes not enough to enjoy the content. I recommend for this tablet not to choose a heavy case for a book, but it is better to put glass in front and behind, for example, a film, because, I repeat, the main feature is the size and weight.전체 리뷰보기

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