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management sturdy organizer basket h4 7in 로고

Management Sturdy Organizer Basket H4 7In

I bought this to get my extension cord and plugs off the floor because I have an elderly dog with dementia who will crawl under my desk and step on or get caught in the wires . The extension lifts off the floor, is wide enough to accommodate a double-width extension, and can be attached to the underside of a table or wall. However, it doesn't offer cable management (it's not intentional), so keep that in mind when ordering. You need other things to manage all those free cables. The only thing that could be improved is that the screws are really really short, which is probably a good thing, if you screw them into a solid wood table or counter, but not directly into the wall. Didn't use the wall plugs (faulty myself - stupid I know) and quickly pulled out of the wall when I plugged something in and had to push to get the plug into the outlet. Otherwise the item itself is great.전체 리뷰보기

mediabrains 로고


I like how easy it is for my team members with not much experience in marketing automation platforms or B2B sales processes (we are all newbies!) can quickly get set up without too many headaches! It's an amazing tool if you have some knowledge about Salesforce already as there isn't really any training involved at this time but we were able train our own employees over several weeks after signup was complete so far no complaints here!! We've been using Marketing Automation/Sales Enablement software since 2010 when Pardot came out which has helped us automate tasks related to lead management across multiple campaigns; however now Marketo seems more intuitive than ever before especially considering they also offer custom integrations into other 3rd party applications such CRMs &amp ServiceNow - one way data integration via API would be great though unfortunately none available right yet from what i understand?? 전체 리뷰보기

spectro cloud 로고

Spectro Cloud

I like that we can use all of our data from many different sources to analyze in one place for easy analysis, reports etc! It's been difficult at times with getting certain parts working properly but overall has become easier over time as it gets more used by us & other customers who are using this product have helped improve their features quite well!! We've had no problems so far while doing any business management or reporting needs within my organization - just great software. The best thing is how fast you get up an running without needing assistance like training staff members to be able train them selves through videos/books-etc.-The only downside i would mention here was when there were some glitches which required troubleshooting help (which they offered me)but nothing majorly negative after solving everything myself once again :) Great Product!! You should definitely try out if your looking into Data Management tools such as Business Intelligence solutions! 전체 리뷰보기

onchain 로고


I like that it's easy for people who are not familiar with crypto currency or blockchains in general, since they don't have much technical knowledge of what goes into this type of system (like how many computers need to run them). It also has some very simple functions which can be used by anyone without needing any previous experience! There isn’t anything specific about their platform itself but rather just more so as a whole - if you want something user friendly then go ahead because most other services tend towards being complicated when someone first sees/uses their service. If your looking at using cryptocurrency there really doesn't seem too see another option right now unless maybe Binance comes out wth new features soon? The only thing i dislike currently would probably depend upon where one gets information from regarding cryptocurrencies; however even those articles could give false news sometimes especially concerning price fluctuations. 전체 리뷰보기

pestboss 로고


I enjoy using this software as it allows me to keep track of all my clients, jobs, and reports. The customer service has been exceptional and the team continues to improve upon the product. Nothing really that stands out, but they have continued to take what we ask for and add more features. It is expensive, so if your not sure about the cost it isn't worth it at first. If you're looking for an easy way to organize client information and report then the Pestboss software will be great for you. It also helps with paperwork and tracking. We are able to send invoices and report to insurance companies. I like the many features it offers. The customer service is great and they are always willing to answer any questions. I am not a fan of the website. It is very slow and the layout is not easy to navigate. I recommend a visit to the office and try it out. I am able to send out work orders and invoice my clients. I also like that I can see my work orders and invoices in my inbox. 전체 리뷰보기

texas international freight 로고

Texas International Freight

The customer service team at IFF has been fantastic! They are always quick to respond to any questions or issues we may have and they are very thorough in their work. It's nice knowing you can trust your business with them. We've dealt with many other carriers over the years but none compare to their attention to detail, willingness to go the extra mile for our customers, and overall professionalism. If you're looking for a carrier that will provide exceptional customer service while also providing quality services, look no further! Our company has used them for over 5 years now and it has been nothing but a great experience. They are willing to do anything for you as long as you treat them right. We use them to ship products all around the world from the US to Europe and Asia. They are very professional and know their stuff. I have shipped to several countries that they were handling and everything was always delivered right on time or early. No issues at all. Not much to say other than great service! Everything went very well from beginning to end. Would recommend them. Shipping to South America, Europe, Africa, etc. The benefits of their services include tracking shipments and notifications. Also, they provide insurance for your goods. 전체 리뷰보기

octopus deploy 로고

Octopus Deploy

The interface is very straight forward and easy enough for someone familiar with git/svn/hg version control systems to get up and running quickly. I like that it can be used from command line or from within Visual Studio, which is great when you have a lot of different environments to manage. Sometimes it's hard to tell which environment is being deployed to - maybe this could be improved. It would be nice if there were some way to limit the scope of changes that could be made without having to do a full deploy each time. It's good as a one-stop shop for deploying all of my test, staging and production environments. I like how easy it is to use this platform as an end user because you don’t need to have any technical skills or coding experience to be able to deploy your application with minimal effort. The best thing about octopuses deployment is that if something goes wrong, it can help you resolve issues very easily. This service allows users to control their applications remotely. It also helps me deploy my ASP NET Core Web API project locally without having to connect them manually each time. 전체 리뷰보기

easynote 로고


I like that it has multiple templates for different types of projects, which makes things easier to keep organized when working with clients or other team members who may not use this software as much/at all. It's also very easy to navigate around in order to find what you need at any given time (such as an invoice). The only thing about EasyNote that could be improved would probably just require more space - but if there were enough room then we wouldn't have needed another program! Just make sure your computer can handle how many pages are being used by each template so everything loads quickly without crashing down from lack of memory. We're using EASYNOTE mainly because our client uses Microsoft Word documents most often; however, some people prefer PDFs over word docs even though they don't seem intuitively logical since pdf files aren’t editable within MS WORD itself unless one goes through Adobe Acrobat Pro first. Using EASY. 전체 리뷰보기

geminare resilience management platform (rmp) 로고

Geminare Resilience Management Platform (RMP)

I like that it is easy enought be used by non-technical people but still gives you all your options when things go wrong so they can take action without having too much knowledge about how computers work etc.. Nothing really - its just what we need at this time in our organisation! We are looking into other products such as Backupify which seems better suited towards more technical users who want something simple rather than RMS being very complex/advanced if required. Our main concern was ensuring backups were reliable & quick upon failure from unexpected events ei g power cuts / storms causing network issues affecting access points within datacentre area where storage resides. 전체 리뷰보기

leadsync 로고


The best thing I like about this product it that you can sync all of your contacts with one click! It also has an email feature which makes sure every time someone emails me, they are automatically added to my contact list in Leadsync as well so no more manually adding them each day from another system or app!! Nothing really dislike but maybe having less features than other products would be nice for some people who just want something simple without many bells & whistles included (like most cloud services). Just use their demo account first before buying if possible because there's nothing wrong at least not yet anyway :) Make good decisions when choosing whether its worth paying monthly subscription fees compared how much work will require doing manual tasks instead using automation tools such as leadsynch! Automation saves us alot precious resources especially those working full-time jobs where we need our hands free.전체 리뷰보기

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