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CoolWallet S

Cool wallet s is secure, cold storage, easy to setup & use, multicoins supported hardware wallet. Coolwallet s design is very smooth, slim and sleek and credit card like wallet. In the front side of wallet there isone display and one button is given for controls of hardware wallet. Coolwallet s provide 3 factor authentication security , and it provides in built coin exchange service. so, users of coolwallet s can trade or exchange their coins with any coin within wallet easily. Coolwallet s wallet supports only mobile devices so, we can't use coolwallet in pc or other devices. Coolwallet s is fully waterproof so if device falls in water. dont need to worry about device or funds. Coolwallet s supports only few coins and tokens where most of hardware wallets offers almost all coins support. and the price of coolwallet s is competitively very high.전체 리뷰보기

trust wallet 로고

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet Review

If you are looking for an wallet that supports multiple coins and all tokens with in-built Binance DEX support then trust is wallet is recommended wallet from me and binance team both. Trust mobile wallet is best wallet for daily usage or like paying for coffee or snacks, etc. Trust wallet securtiy is good and in addition it offers pin code security so, if any person takes you phone then he cant able to see your balance and do transactions. Trust wallet inbuilt dex feature is great and works perfectly with binance DEX website. But still, Trust wallet does not offers many features like coin exchange service. Trust allows coins exchange but its only for BinanceChain tokens. we can't exchange our bitcoins to ethereum or any coins. and Trust also not offers Credit card function so, we cant purchase bitcoins with credit card in trust wallet. For daily use Trust is trustful and for holding high value. Recommendation is to store in hardware wallets.전체 리뷰보기

coinomi 로고


I use coinomi wallet since 3 years in my mobile and i will not face any major problem in coinomi mobile app. its works very smoothly, very easy to understand and supports almost all major cryptocurrencies in one wallet and one seed. Coinomi wallet has extra features that most of wallets does not provides. Coinomi offers shapeshift and changelly exchange feature in wallet where we can easily convert our bitcoins or any coins with any coins instantly and without sending our funds out of wallet. Coinomi offers Buy feature where we can purchase bitcoins with our credit cards easily and instantly with the help of simplex. Coinomi wallet also supports Binance DEX so, we can use Binance DEX directly with coinomi wallet. Coinomi wallet is best wallet for daily use. Extracting private keys from wallet is very hard and very complicated and risky.전체 리뷰보기

electroneum 로고


Electroneum cryptocurrency is best cryptocurrency for daily usage and spending for buying coffee or low cost online products. Electroneum process the transaction very fast and transaction fees of electroneum is likely nothing which is 0.0006$ estimated per transaction. Electroneum has its mobile application which is very easy and simple to use. Electroneum wallet is not an decentralized because it requires email, password, mobile number, etc and does not provides private keys. which is not fully secure and we don't have control over our funds. Electroneum team is not working great for improvement. Electroneum team should make awareness about electroneum and stay updated always. Currently electroneum is listed on very few exchanges and one of the most popular exchange for electroneum is cryptopia which is hacked recently and closed. so, investing in electroneum is not good investment in my opinion.전체 리뷰보기

kucoin 로고


Kucoin exchange is a multicoin an d global cryptocurrency exchange. Kucoin offers many features and promotions to their users. in which, Kucoin runs various competetions like Trading competetion for newly listed projects and some discount on trading fees. Kucoin gives many special benefits and offers to Kucoin Shares holders in which upto 30% off on trading fees. Kucoin offers purchasing cryptocurrencies using credit or debit cards by partners with simplex service. Kucoin exchange lists many cryptocurrencies for trading and BTC, ETH, USDT and KCS trading pairs. Kucoin does not support Fiat currencies or fiat trading pairs. Withdrawal fees of kucoin is very low and withdrawals re processed instantly after email verification. In security Kucoin provides 2fa, and email security to users account. Kucoin trading interface is pretty cool and easy for trading. Account system of kucoin islittle bit confusing. Kucoin mobile application is superb for mobile users. 전체 리뷰보기

siacoin 로고


Siacoin is the best technology that enables to use fully decentralized cloud storage on bockchain technology. Sia coud storage is best alternative of google, amazon, microsoft and dropbox. All cloud storage platforms in market are fully centralized and all user data are stored in their servers and the platforms have access or control of your all data. but sia cloud platform is fully decentralized and your data is only in your hands not controlable to anyone even sia team. Siacoin is the native token of sia cloud storage platform and sia platform accepts only siacoin as a payment method of services. However sia cloud storage platform costs are very low. at now, which is 2$ per month for 1 TB cloud storage and is very affordable than other cloud storage platforms. Beside, Siacoin transaction speed is very fast and transaction fees is very low as compared to other major cyptocurrencies. In siacoin Blockchain, at every block 1 unit of siacoin will be decreases like if currenct block contain 300,000 sia then next block contains 299,999 sia and it decreases at every block. Currently, siacoin is unknown from all peoples and mostly no one uses sia cloud storage. Siacoin team must do some promotions , advertisement or something for mass adoption even to those proples who are not an investor in cryptocurrencies.전체 리뷰보기

bitcoin 로고


Bitcoin is very great innovation and it is First Decentralised peer to peer cryptocurrency that works on blockchain technology. We can use bitcoins as a payment method or if you doing any big transaction out of country or worldwide then bitcoin transaction is fastest method and its transaction fees is very very low than other any digital payment method like paypal or banks. Bitcoin cryptocurrency blockchain works on Proof-of-Work algorithms. so, Bitcoin is minable cryptocurrency where any users can earn bitcoins by mining Bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is basically confirming transactions by solving the mathematical problems. Each problem is harder than previous problems and miners can solve these problem with the help of computers and graphics cards. Bitcoin Transaction speed is very slow as compared to other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin transactions normally takes 20-25 minutes and sometimes it takes more than hour to confirm. Bitcoin Blockchain is still runs on old blockchain version 2.0 and currently many projects or cryptocurrencies are runs on blockchain version 3.0 and 4.0 . Bitcoin is listed on each and every digital currency exchanges and trading volume is very high because of leading cryptocurrency. According to market capitalization Bitcoin acquires 60% of total marketcap of cryptocurrency market. Purchasing bitcoin with any fiat currency is very easy and there are many projects are available that provides features to purchase bitcoins with credit cards. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is accepted everywhere and in most of countries its fully legal cryptocurrency. And There are many Bitcoin ATMs are situated in many countries for purchasing or selling bitcoins with fiat currency. But, as bitcoin is mostly uses in Black market and for money laundering so, many countries banned use and transactions of bitcoins.전체 리뷰보기

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