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apple airpods charging latest model 로고

Apple AirPods Charging Latest Model

Snatched them at a big discount in due time, that makes them even better :) Now, of course, their prices have risen and there are alternative options no worse than apple ones. Essentially: I was specifically looking for in-ear headphones, since I work in an office and need to capture the general noise. The sound is good on a solid 4, the volume is also good. The battery lasts a long time, at minimum volume they work all day. Recharges quickly in 15 minutes. There are approximately 4 charges in the case.전체 리뷰보기

logitech bluetooth ultrafast scrolling rechargeable 로고

Logitech Bluetooth Ultrafast Scrolling Rechargeable

Today I will present you my review of the product Logitech Bluetooth Ultrafast Scrolling Rechargeable. I bought it with enthusiasm, many wrote about cool little things that supposedly take operation to a new level. As a result, so far I have found a normal use for the scroll wheel "from the side", it is more convenient to scroll to the side on the poppy's touchpad. And I also didn’t appreciate the button from below under the thumb, although I thought I’d get used to it, but I still don’t use it. It works flawlessly, but if you also plan to take it just because of the "buns", then think twice.전체 리뷰보기

microsoft rjn 00001 bluetooth mouse black 로고

Microsoft RJN 00001 Bluetooth Mouse Black

The mouse is absolutely not worth the money. It looks nice, but feels worse than China. The buttons dangle, the top panel where the batteries are inserted also runs at hand, the scroll crunches and it seems as if something got there and it is about to break. Button presses are loose and also crispy. About the Windows button, I generally keep quiet. Think of pushing a touch sensor there that is constantly touched by a finger and you close the pages then fly away to another window. Working with this mouse will be stressful, it is uncomfortable at all. Im thinking how to take it now. The store is far from home. Brought with delivery.전체 리뷰보기

arctic liquid freezer all one 로고

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer All One

Why 5 stars considering the flaws. Well, how can I say, I bought it myself, a fool, I knew about all these possible problems and took it, because dropsy is top. If you take it into a normal building and study the issue, then here they will be 5 stars. Further details: Be careful with the heatsinks around the processor, since the pump itself, which is installed on the processor, is very massive. Make sure that the installation space is at least 32 cm, it turns out that the radiator is not 280, but 320, and this is a big difference. When I bought it, I knew what I was going for and that most likely it wouldn’t suit me on the h500i and it didn’t fit, I had to use pliers to install it, but I succeeded. The collective farm did its best, I had to remove the plug with the backlight, which hides the wires, the whole structure arched, but everything works ok. I will change the case in the future, a photo from the ssd without a radiator, so that you can see the size of this pump.전체 리뷰보기

microsoft wireless mobile mouse 4000 로고

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

decided to write a review after reading the undeserved bad reviews. nothing gets hot, doesnt swell, doesnt slow down. you need to buy an original mouse (the price on the microsoft website is 40 bucks, since it can cost in an online store?), high-quality batteries (i put a battery with a capacity of 2900 and forgot) and then there will be happiness)) i use it for 4 months. my brother has the same one for 1.5 years already everything is fine전체 리뷰보기

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