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bluetooth wireless cancelling charging resistant 로고

Bluetooth Wireless Cancelling Charging Resistant

The microphones are the best in principle from all in-ear TWS that I have ever heard. The transparency mode is very natural, but the monotonous noise like an air conditioner over your head makes the headphones muffle the transparency in the latest firmware, as a result, you can’t hear what they are saying to you. But most often this is only a plus: in the wind, the noise of a passing truck, and so on, it does not stun the user. On phones without Scalable support, the only available normal codec for playing sounds other than speech is AAC, where the delay is already a little noticeable, and the sound seems a little worse. But also cool. Speaking of sound: the purest highs, just a crystal clear voice and excellent lows. The low ones are excellent for small TWS in-ear headphones, but if it is deep, vibrating bass that is important to you - such shorties are definitely not for you, the dimensions do not allow, this is more likely to full-size Noise suppression is comfortable, but good: with music today, I didn’t notice a truck that drove up to me at point-blank range and waited for me to cross a piece of local territory. Firmware changes the operation of headphones dramatically. All this is true for the latest firmware at the moment. On older firmware there was a stronger transparency, but there was a "robot" effect. The noise canceling was stronger, but it did create discomfort in the ears, kind of like a plug. The new firmware adds volume control by tapping, the sensor has become more responsive, the filter of accidental clicks has become smarter. It seems like the sound has changed a bit. In general, it is necessary to ate, it changes a lot. When buying, you should immediately pick up an equalizer preset in Galaxy Wearable. In classical, it sounds flat and boring, as for me. You can also try on other ear pads from the kit - with larger ones, the sound was even better for me And most importantly - you need to understand how to properly insert them into your ears. Closing the channel must be complete, you can not close the external grids and microphones전체 리뷰보기

microsoft wireless mobile mouse 4000 로고

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

Before that, there was a microsoft 3600 mouse, an ideal mouse for me, I used it for 2 years and didn’t get enough, I treated it rudely, it fell, and after another fall, it didn’t survive, the plastic of the pressing pin broke and decided to change it. there is also a mouse from xiomi, this mouse is about the same level, although there is no xiomi tactile, argonomics, and a wheel, much better than this. I dont recommend this mouse.전체 리뷰보기

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