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I like how it allows me, as an instructor who works from home, to teach at my own pace without having students physically in front of me (which would be impossible if they were all online). It's very easy to use - everything you need can easily fit within one screen! Sometimes there are minor glitches that make navigation difficult but overall this program has allowed us to provide quality instruction while remaining flexible with our schedule. We have been able to reach out-of-state students effectively by providing them with lessons via video conferencing or virtual classes when we couldn't meet face-to-face.전체 리뷰보기

parakeets basketball skateboard、bird toy、parrot toy、small 로고

Parakeets Basketball Skateboard、Bird Toy、Parrot Toy、Small

Looks adorable. The tire is not painted as in the picture, but we don't care. What worries me is "Made in China" and whether the colors/materials are actually food safe. I don't let our budgie play with the colorful tree alone. I still like the set, hence the 4 stars.전체 리뷰보기

star classic leash harness medium 로고

Star Classic Leash Harness Medium

Not what I expected

Cute, doesn't bother my dog but not a real harness. Most likely won't stop the dog from pulling it out. The leash is plain blue as opposed to the picture which actually looks like R2D2. Very thin. I hoped I could use it as real tableware every day.전체 리뷰보기

brightwell aquatics xport po4 cubes 1 phosphate adsorption 로고

Brightwell Aquatics Xport PO4 Cubes 1 Phosphate Adsorption

I have a 55 gallon low bioburden mixed reef aquarium that has been around for about 3 years. I've been using it for about 6 months in combination with the NO3 X-Port in the Fluval FX4 canister filter. Both nitrites and phosphates are at the lowest levels my API test kit can show.전체 리뷰보기

neewer acrylic plastic directors clapboard 로고

Neewer Acrylic Plastic Directors Clapboard

Pros: This is an inexpensive flap/panel that will help you look a little more professional as you grow your hobby or semi-pro film business. Non-film types don't know the difference. In my opinion, using a real key/slate to sync the sound couldn't be better. That crisp sound and your ability to physically control the volume are a good thing. This tool achieves that goal. Cons: It probably won't stand up to real production wear and tear, and unless you're someone who constantly monitors, tweaks, tightens, tightens, and hardens their gear, this article will annoy you. .The clapper came off the board within a week of purchase as I kept it in my travel cases with other gear. I don't think it's worth sending back and the problem was easily fixed with a small amount of epoxy. The screws on the flap will loosen over time and you will need to tighten them periodically to keep the item from falling apart as you work. This product is definitely more for hobbies than professionals. Be sure to wipe this item down after use as it becomes quite difficult to wash dry over time. Bottom line: if you're a self-funded hobbyist looking to use this as a tool, it will work. When you start turning your hobby into a business, I strongly recommend you look for a more durable product. I'm a tweaker by nature and prefer to buy cheaper stuff as I don't mind tightening a screw here and there or adding epoxy etc. If this isn't you, skip this one.전체 리뷰보기

jannik aria gold beaded 100 piece canisters 로고

JANNIK Aria Gold Beaded 100 Piece Canisters

But nice bows.

Bows are small enough for my little 6 lbs. However, I did cut the Maltese bun to length at the crown at each band. My groomer and I both agree that the rubber bands are too thick and we're having a hard time getting them to work properly. So we remove the strips, which also remove the beautiful beads. We then replace them with thinner 1/4" ribbons. You might be able to replace the beads but I think it's too much hassle and I haven't tried it. The price is good for so many loops and I was comfortable with the ones included Colors happy. As I have one male I gave all the pinks to the groomer and there were a lot of them in shades of pink.전체 리뷰보기

sleep zone corduroy cuddle cave 로고

Sleep Zone Corduroy Cuddle Cave

NOT corduroy. NOT brown. But I think that's ok since it's just dog litter. But this only works for VERY small dogs. Like adult Chihuahuas or small breed puppies. But at least out of the box it will be very cozy and warm for these little pups. I can't say anything about the quality because I don't inspect dog beds. If it falls apart or doesn't hold up in the washer or dryer I'll come back and update this post. At first glance everything is fine for $26 and only what I noted above was unexpected.전체 리뷰보기

natural seagrass bedding accessories hedgehog 로고

Natural Seagrass Bedding Accessories Hedgehog

I use them to do hay for my rabbits when they run. I thought they were a little deeper but they still seemed to be holding enough hay to keep them happy for their time. I assume they will eventually eat the basket too, but it's good quality so it may take a while for them to destroy it.전체 리뷰보기

fluval 11194 submersible digital thermometer 로고

Fluval 11194 Submersible Digital Thermometer

Unfortunately this product did not work. I have yet to find a digital immersion thermometer that is accurate or will not break. It constantly showed crazy temperatures (always 4-9 degrees higher). Now it looks like water got into the screen and there are a few bubbles. I know we all want a tall, slim thermometer to match a new "modern" aquarium look. however, they do not seem to have arrived yet.전체 리뷰보기

iseebiz smart pet camera 로고

Iseebiz Smart Pet Camera

I bought this so my wife can watch our cats at work and feed them treats too. I wasn't expecting great video or audio quality after comparing the price of this device to much more expensive competitors. I'm amazed at how well it all works! The video quality is great, the audio is good, and the treat dispenser works great with Temptations branded cat treats. We couldn't be happier. This has easily become the favorite gift I've ever given my wife and a must-have for pet owners.전체 리뷰보기

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