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rivbos polarized sunglasses driving baseball 로고

RIVBOS Polarized Sunglasses Driving Baseball

When you get up in the morning and the light hits your head, the first thing you do when you get out of bed is hit the runways and try to beat the crowds and get yourself something cheap buy sunglasses. yeah oh yeah oh yeah I spied something and followed her all night in cool beautiful Levis and her sweater.전체 리뷰보기

laptop screen protector protection blocking laptop accessories in screen protectors 로고

Laptop Screen Protector Protection Blocking Laptop Accessories in Screen Protectors

Anti-glare works

It is thick enough to install quite easily. When installing, it was difficult to remove all the bubbles. It comes with a vacuum cleaner, cloth and card to help with installation which is good. I'm very picky about perfection. It helps with highlights and my eyes are grateful.전체 리뷰보기

carters toddler fleece stripe white boys' clothing 로고

Carters Toddler Fleece Stripe White Boys' Clothing

Ross $9.99

This is exactly what I was expecting from the last few tracks. Soft, warm, comfortable, perfect fit. HOWEVER it arrived, I opened it up and prepared to box it up (cut off the tags) and fund a $9.99 tag for the Ross clothing store. I paid 20 dollars to amzon.lmao. I thought I got a good deal 🤑🤑 🤪🤯전체 리뷰보기

ion tape express cassette converter 로고

Ion Tape Express Cassette Converter

The good news is that it really works. What's good: 1) The software installs well and is fairly easy to install. Use it for those who aren't computer, iTunes, or audio software experts. 2) The cassette player connects to your computer via USB. There's a slot for batteries, but they're not needed - USB power is enough to power the device, the name of the album. and a name for each track.4) Once the process is complete, the program will automatically save the MP3 file to iTunes with the information you entered. Possible good things: 1) The player automatically reverses the tape, but doesn't. He's not smart enough to stop the recording when it reaches the end of the second page. However, the auto wipe is a good thing in my opinion. 2) When you are about to record you will be given the option to choose whether the tape should be regular or chromed/hi-bias. It also gives you the option to choose whether Dolby was used in the recording. Unfortunately, this is not recorded anywhere on most band releases. Bad things: 1) The cassette player's sound quality is okay, but it doesn't seem to sound as "full" as my stereo component recorder. If you want good high quality recordings, you probably still need to hook up a better tape deck to your computer and get some audio editing software. Personally, I still use it because it's close enough and easy to use for me. 2) Any software that automatically detects the beginning and end of a song will mark a new track when you have a few seconds pause in the song. Likewise, it probably won't start a new track for a song that doesn't have a break. 3) When adding tracks to iTunes, the program doesn't seem to save track number, year, or genre information. 4) The program does NOT save the MP3 files in a folder with the name of artist and album. It also doesn't update the real MP3 filenames with artist and track title. Instead, all the files are stored in a folder called "Unknown Artist" in the iTunes directory and the MP3 files are called "Temp1.mp3", "Temp2.mp3" etc. And finally the tape hiss: there is no digital noise. Reduce the function to avoid tape hiss. On the other side the tape recorder전체 리뷰보기

spider man boys spiderman pajamas size 로고

Spider Man Boys Spiderman Pajamas Size

I noticed in the description that it is 100% cotton, but it is not. There is a very unpleasant smell as soon as you open the box. But after the first wash it got better. We bought everything in cotton, so we know what cotton looks like. It's like 80% cotton with something different. But I'm not sure what it is. If you just need something for your kids as a gift but don't wear it all the time then that's fine for you, but if you need something to sleep with every day then this isn't for you.전체 리뷰보기

ian valeri co sterling pendant boys' jewelry and pendants 로고

Ian Valeri Co Sterling Pendant Boys' Jewelry and Pendants

Very disappointed

I am very disappointed, I was expecting something larger, the actual size of the item purchased does not meet my expectations. It's smaller than a bean.전체 리뷰보기

4k hdmi cable 1 pack 6ft 로고

4K HDMI Cable 1 Pack 6Ft

Very good so far

I use them for my computer to monitor the connection and so far so good. I like multicolored braided cords because my cat probably won't chew on them. Ha ha. He likes the black vinyl ones, especially the thinner USB2. Have you ever tried to fix one of these? brain surgery. Animal rights notice: Batman will NOT chew on my 16 gauge 120v extension cords.전체 리뷰보기

kid nation brushed fleece sweatshirt 로고

Kid Nation Brushed Fleece Sweatshirt

in March. Since starting school my son and I have changed SIX different zip up jackets. I was so over her. Although he lives in South Florida, his class is cold, so all the kids in the room are wearing jackets. Some of it grew out but the zips couldn't handle a 7 year old most of the time. We've had them for a few weeks and so far so good! The zippers are strong and metallic (not cheap plastic!) and they wash well. My son loves her. We bought a light blue and orange. They are true to size. My son loves the bright colors and they are cozy. I like that they are well made and solid,전체 리뷰보기

big wasp toddler resistant outdoor boys' shoes for outdoor 로고

BIG WASP Toddler Resistant Outdoor Boys' Shoes for Outdoor

Honest review here. Sits well. Exactly like the photo and super cute. Great gift for kids too!PROS These are great shark snow boots Non-slip outdoor winter shoes Warm lining to keep their feet warm and protected.As seen in the photo.Sizing was right.Highly recommended and a great gift!전체 리뷰보기

juxi toddler cartoon slippers numeric_5 apparel & accessories baby girls for shoes 로고

JUXI Toddler Cartoon Slippers Numeric_5 Apparel & Accessories Baby Girls for Shoes


I wanted indoor shoes for my then 18 month old son. We have tiles and he likes to run and when I was pregnant I used to watch him run, it bothered me, I thought he would slip his socks on the floor. i need something for him Pumps, uh. I put those bad boys on him and he never took them off and they never fell off. Now he can walk safely and I'm not worried, besides his feet stay clean. Highly recommended.전체 리뷰보기

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