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Review on Billionaire Token by Ayu Anggraini

Xbl token review

Xbl or the billionaire token is a token utility issued by the billionaire team, to be used as a ticket in a decentralized blockchain-based game called the billionaire token game.

Xbl is the first token that uses a deflationary algorithm or deflationary mechanism that ensures the amount of coins always decreases from the supply circulation.

In 2019 the team has just burned 33% of the TOTAL SUPPLY of Billionaire Tokens (1.6 MILLION).

At first I bought XBL on cryptopia exchange and in 2018 the value of XBL had reached thousands of satoshis during its peak season.

Difficulties began to emerge when game players had to pay a very expensive ethereum fee to register at the billionaire token games, while the ticket value was cheaper than the value of the fee that had to be paid as gas.

Finally the billionaire token games team made improvements and decided to do migration to the EOS network because ethereum Dapps is very slow and costly.

But the xbl supporters began to leave the xbl token and only use euphoria or hype at the start for trading profit.

Not many crypto communities know what is xbl and the billionaire token platform are.

.. There are several games that can be played on the billionaire token platform, namely the Billionaire Raffle, Billionaire Cee-lo Dice, Billionaire Hold'em, the decentralized Burner smart contract.

Currently we can only play Billionaire Raffle because the other two games are still under development. And now the xbl token team is not active and doesn't update anything from the development or their social media.

Currently the user is having trouble finding the exchange to buy the xbl token because the old exchange only has the old xbl before swapping to eos io and does not support swaps made by the xbl team. A lot of user who hold xbl in exchange also had their token stuck on the exchange because of outsider issue like cryptopia.

Of course the xbl team must be more aggressive in promoting, developing and marketing to reach the crypto community because it is an important thing that goes hand in hand with the success of a project, the commitment of the xbl team is needed for its survival.

Pros & cons

  • The first token which use deflationary mechanism
  • The games is decentralized along with smart contract Burner which always active in the blockchain even if the team is out of business
  • The team was active on blockchain meet up but remain anonymous in the website
  • No development for the last 1 year
  • Few of the games is still under development and There is no update from the team
  • There is no details on the team behind it. Website still contains an old information.
  • There is a different information about the total supply in whitepaper and on coinmarketcap and other sources like their social media