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Review on BLOCKv by francis fernandez

Blockv: extending the use of blockchain technology

Since the invention of the first digital currency the growth of the crypto industry has been unstoppable. For this reason; New projects are emerging every day that try to exploit the benefits that blockchain technology offers.

Blockv is a platform with an ambitious challenge: to turn goods and services into smart products so that they form part of a decentralized market for goods that can be traded in a safe and balanced way.


To achieve its mission, Blockv relies on its VEE token.

VEE is an ERC-20 token because it is hosted on the Ethereum chain.


• Allows you to convert any digital item into a smart good that can be marketed

• Serves as a technological model to be used by developers and experts to create new smart digital products

• It allows creating a globalized market for the exchange of intelligent digital assets

• Allows the development of a digital ecosystem that links developers, entrepreneurs, publishers and users with blockchain technology and virtual goods.


Blockv promotes the creation of a new category of virtual products, called Vatoms; through a technological mechanism that makes it possible to convert any good or service into an intelligent digital asset that can be acquired, sold, exchanged, traded, or given any use to the liking of the owner.

Vatoms or smart items are developed on the blockchain by combining encryption protocols with multimedia mechanisms to turn a digital product into a useful cryptocurrency for all its end users.

The importance of the Blockv platform is that it seeks to reduce the barriers between the real world and technology; allowing the resolution of problems of the daily life of the human being and contributing to the growth of digital commerce.

This platform also represents a unique opportunity for developers to contribute to the growth of electronic commerce; and allows you to be a part of creating an infinite number of tradable smart digital goods in a trusted decentralized marketplace.

In this way; Blockv constitutes one of the pillars of a globalized digital economy that allows the interaction of both users and cryptographic creators through an accessible interface; bringing blockchain technology closer to the physical world of people.

Pros & cons

  • Convert any good or service into a smart object
  • Create a model platform for developers
  • It allows to create an open market to commercialize virtual goods
  • It is not a stable currency
  • Low current market value