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Review on Bluekey by Gunay Ovezova

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Closed project at present.

This project means creating a cash environment in Africa and in the past on the Ethereum blockchain. The project can run on the Ethereum blockchain using RDA as a local token. In particular, the project appears to be carrying out crypto-fiat operations in p2p format. We can also say that the project plans to transfer money to users. It is now known that this project is not visible in the exchange market. I was also unable to access the website and it is possible to see that there are no updates as if social media accounts are not working. So this project is not visible on the CMC platform watchlist and now seems like a closed project or a risk in general. Because at the moment we can see that there is no information about the project developers or the management team. I want to say that investing in a cryptocurrency is risky and can cause a lot of problems. That’s why I don’t recommend it to anyone.

  • The project was intended to transfer money to users.
  • Website and social media accounts are not working.
  • No updates.
  • Out of control of the CMC platform.
  • Investing can be a challenge.