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Review on Community Token by LUIS RIVERO R

Apparently this project was abandoned. use wisely.

This project is not available, this due to the information, according to its official twitter account it was created in July 2020, however at present there is no movement that can be considered active this project.

It is listed on Uniswap, it has daily movements of sale and purchase of assets, however there is no data to support the value of this token.

In general, if you are thinking of buying Community Token the recommendation is to stay away since there is no way to contact the developers or know their current progress, Website out of service, outdated twitter account and other official means are offline. I do not emphasize its use or usefulness since it is not relevant if you want you can verify any data by just searching for this project on the web.

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Pros & cons

  • This token is out of order. There is currently no verifiable data.
  • Connection problems with your website.
  • Website out of service.
  • Only available on Uniswap.
  • There is no updated data.