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Review on Ethereum Meta by Сергей Иванов

It could be an abandoned project.

Project and Ethereum are prone to significant shortcomings and lack of security. The project also allows you to make great deals that no friend, family or foe can buy or how they will feel.

With the new project smart contracts, Ethereum Meta will provide direct access to unknown components between the parties. Each customer can exchange non-mysterious coins to unknown coins called Ethereum Meta. Customers can then send Ethereum Meta to various customers, any protected project or trade union. Customers can also switch from Ethereum Meta to the traditional Ether version and block the imaginary definition.

Ethereum Meta mixes exchange notes using various wallets limited to Smart Contract, so each of the works in Smart Contract is a direct and online support agreement.

Ethereum Meta is available through traditional Ethereum wallets, which means a simple change to the traditional Ethereum Meta layer. House Ethereum Meta is constantly being replaced, and these lines create a note price.

Pros & cons

  • Supported by Ethereum.
  • The platform has some services that can be tracked on the internet on a computer, or even through a program that is available for mobile devices.
  • This project shows signs of abandonment.
  • Invisible to many.