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Review on Force For Fast by LUIS RIVERO R

This token has market volume but has no value backing.

Apparently it was designed for lovers of racing or racing cars or car-based video games. (or to finance the purchase and sale of race cars). This information cannot be verified in its entirety since there is no data on their social networks that allows us to verify which markets they are directed to.

It is only available in a couple of exchanges, however the recommendation is to stay away from FFF as it is not supported. (In other words, there is no product or service launched that supports its value at some point, so when you buy this asset you are investing in nothing.)

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Pros & cons

  • If you are interested in this token, you should do your own research. ( It does not have value)
  • Website out of service.
  • By checking the block explorer we can verify that it has more than 120 days since the last transaction.
  • The last message shared on a social network was on January 16, 2020.