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Review on LinkEye by francis fernandez

blockchain technology applied to credit management

Traditional finance has been superseded in many respects by the advent of decentralized finance. One of them is the conventional credit system. It is no longer necessary to go to banks to carry out financing application procedures. To do this, blockchain technology has made available to digital commerce users a set of line credit solutions based on the security of the distributed ledger. One of them is LinkEye.

LinkEye is a cryptographic platform that offers credit services in digital currencies; developed by a team of experts both in the financial sector and in computer language.

What can we use the LinkEye platform for and what does it offer us?

 To access cryptocurrency loans

 Financing without loss of time in procedures or paperwork

 Creation of a confidential list of credit information, which is stored in the blockchain

 Efficient loan settlement

 Creation of liquidity markets

 It allows making exchanges in the decentralized financial market

 It allows access to investment products from the use of funds in digital assets received

 Allows you to trade cryptocurrencies

 It allows generating passive income by reusing financing through the granting of loans to third parties

 Secure transfer of crypto assets worldwide

 Provides access to all individuals to credit management

 Secure protocol that uses HiperledgerFabric technology

As we see; LinkEye is a global credit solution with an inclusive philosophy, which provides access both to companies that need to increase their capital or invest in their growth, as well as to people in general who require a source of digital resources.

With LinkEye you get cryptocurrencies that you can use in various digital investment products offered by the decentralized finance market.

Pros & cons

  • Create an open and non-custodial credit system with global access
  • Open source digital finance credit platform
  • Directed to the business world and personal finances
  • It allows to store confidential records of credit information on the blockchain
  • Unstable value of the coin