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Review on London Football Exchange by Bukola Joy

An entertainment platform

Today I am going to thl Tell youl

London Football Exchange LFE, is a life changing platform that makes a positive impact on those that engage in LFE community.

LFE is established by Jim Aylward in the year November 1, 2017 but started on 15-1-2018 and it is registered in UK

The London Football Exchange Group (“LFE”) is a financial, technology, media and entertainment group that operates in various spheres derived from the professional sporting arena, mainly association football with multi-sport ambitions.

The LFE Market is an online community allowing members to partake in various club and fan experiences from match day tickets, tours, and player meet and greets, to specific merchandise and third-party offers. The LFE Market is powered through the use of the LFE Token, the world’s foremost football-based Cryptocurrency enabling a one-stop shop for fans around the world to acquire unique fan experiences. In addition to accessing special membership services, the LFE Token holders will have priority access to enter the LFE Exchange for member-oriented services and offers.

The London Football Exchange, is the world’s first ever football club stock exchange that shall be regulated in the UK and EU. LFE will allow fans, traders and investors to acquire shares in their favourite football clubs globally.

LFE Sports, is the investment arm of the group that is dedicated to making socially responsible sports club investments globally. LFE Sports believes in the core value of developing youth from a grassroots level. In particular, LFE Sports looks to provide equal opportunities to all those that enter the programs around the world.

LFE Foundation has been created to further the message of inclusion, peace, and education through the widespread playing of team sports globally. The foundation is embarking upon many endeavours from football scholarships, academy construction, medical assistance, disaster relief and various education-driven projects in the developing world.

Pros & cons

  • It is a professional sporting arena
  • It is an entertainment platform
  • Is less active
  • No outranged users
Bukola Joy
May 04, 2021
London football exchange platform should be a leading company because of it entertainment, and sporting events. With the ways things are seeing today we will notice that mostly everyone loves gaming/Sporting activities. Therefore more effort should be put in other to get more users to operate on this platform. So that the activeness can be a trending one. I like this platform because of it outstanding sporting activities compared to none