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Review on Newscrypto by Věra Filipová

Information are valuable to get rich

There are two types of main crypto projects and applications which differ in their perspective. One of them are exchanges, DeFi where you trade, shift assets, yield farm etc. and the second one are the places where you cen get valuable information how to execute your trade, where you can learn about crypto and how to be in profit (some platforms are trying to combine both). I have choosen Newscrypto as a valubale source of information to be better investor and trader. This is high quality source of information in many areas: technical analysis, fundamental analysis, actual news, trading signals, portfolio aloacation. You can start completly free with a basic tier. There is full set of features you would expect from such platform. You can use the portfolio feature where you can see you portfolio on exchanges (such as Binance, Kucoin and FTX) via API. It is very easy to use and convenient. There is also their proprietary wallet in their ecosystem. With basic tier you will get - whale alert, correlations, price analysis, charts, gainers and loosers, funding rates on exchanges and more. All of these sources of information are valuable to be better trader and to be in the profit. There is a section where you can find academy and learn as much as possible to understand crypto and trading.

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As a quality project they are providing their own mobile app which is a matter of course today. It serves me well. There is full set of information which can be found on the webpage.

There is a lot of interactions with community via predictions, opinions, social and others.

They have their own native token NWC (it is on Stellar blockchain) which has its inner tokenomics and the token is mainly used for the paid subscription. The token NWC can be staked to get some yield from it. If you will buy Professional subscription you will get trading signals, arbitrage hints, AI sentiment, backtesting bot, on-chain analysis and more). You can earn some NWC via multiple promotions. The token itself is governance token which allows you to vote on proposals or submit new proposals.

There is one more thing I like if I am active within the social platforms - such as Telegram - where is the regular weekly quiz for free native token NWC each Thursday at 12:00 UTC, I am accumulating free NWC. Keep an eye on it.

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The project is following latest trends. One of the new feature is Stellar-Polygon Bridge which will allow you to send assets from Stellar to Polygon blockchain.

NewsCrypto is worth to try (at least with basic tier) for each one of us to avoid mistakes and be better trader.

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Pros & cons

  • source of valuable information
  • promotions
  • native token NWC
  • none

Comments (1)

David Filip
March 13, 2022
I am using this app also. The education is so much needed in the industry. It will help adoption. I think there are also valuable informations for traders. Thank you for another great review (as always).
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