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Review on Uptrennd by José A Rodríguez

Uptrennd: Ideal Service to Reward Comments of Quality

Uptrennd is a blockchain network with good protocols and design that has some familiar features of well-known services for reviews and customers' feedback since the main task of this platform is to create purposeful contents for projects and services depending exclusively on the users' opinion. It is a great way of getting into touch with the world because it provides access to a vast area of contents to comment about. Here users are in contact with the world, and they can interact with other users with no failures in the system. Personally, the company mention three things that are of great importance for the world: time, voice, and privacy. There they are part of a whole feeling or action and define the client itself as an autónomo being capable of posting reliable and substantial content.

The platform depends on something called upvotes, that are the actions required to count assets that will turn into tokens. The system has access to different tokens in which the earnings can be good based. Those tokens have to main usages inside the ecosystem. One of them is using the upvotes to support other people, it means in the manner of feedback. The second one is for making the promotion of the content, here the value will depend on how much users want their content to be known, or even the content of other users. There is also another option to use the tokens to create or receive more tokens, which is the 'levelling up' option in which users grow up into the page.

The page is still little. It has just those sort of options. Users can access the platform and be in touch with the community to be up to date with the news. The platform is reliable and efficient. There are good reasons to trust it, or at least to give it a try. Users must decide if the earnings received there, are great enough to the kind of content they share, or if they are just basic entries of money.

In any way, this platform deserves to be explored. It is good for professional research since the company has put some purposeful details of development and inner usage.

Pros & cons

  • Blockchain server for rewards though the creations and posting of purposeful content.
  • It depends on the participation of users to keep growing up, and this is a great manner of making the world more confident by interacting among themselves.
  • The service has good options for earnings based on different features. Tokens can be managed to give or receive.
  • It gives real support to people to keep posting high-quality comments and interact with the world.
  • It is still in development of better plans and features for the growth of the platform and the unlimited actions of users on it.