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Corporate Entity Management Software

Corporate legal entity management tools help businesses to control corporate regardless of their location. The software helps manage capitalization tables, shareholders, subsidiaries, legal persons, etc. To learn more about corporate legal entity management software, read the reviews in this category.

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Entity management cloud specialized for law firms and in-house legal departments managing corporations, trusts, LLCs, partnerships, REITs and more. Advanced entity database, document creation and automation, instant ownership charts, cap tables and e-signature integration. Handle advanced corporate structures and transactions with ease. Ver mais

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Klea is a combination of technology (a cloud-based ISO certified workflow tool) & optional services for multinationals to get corporate secretarial matters (such as annual general meetings, officer changes, legalisations) done efficiently worldwide. Klea is available as a SaaS or with support of dedicated legal operations managers and collaborative... Ver mais

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Legalinc is changing the way corporate governance and compliance tasks are managed through innovative, cloud-based technology. We enable legal teams to become more efficient and more profitable by automating business formation, filing & compliance tasks with scalable solutions. Ver mais

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Legal Entity Management is a solution that provides data that is up to date, monitoring of compliance rules, an overview of your investment structures, processed-based cooperation, and more. Ver mais

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