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Review on Upgrade Your Tesla Model 3/Y Interior With VIHIMAI'S Automatic On/Off RGB LED Light Strips by Brandon Hunter

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Great looking upgrade to the Tesla Model Y and fairly simple to set-up - A MUST

Was looking at the NesTour - but those needed a lot more wiring/cabling/adhesuive, this was fairly straightforward and almost identical install after watching countless YT videos, but simpler. I think these LED additions look beautiful, similar to my MB GLE in terms of mood, the brightness of the cabin (configurable), and the luxurious feel. Lights can be controlled by the app, the on/off button I mounted on the side console, or the cigarette plug-in. I leave the last two on and let the main controller turn them on/off automatically. I have a slow transition set between a 7-color set in the app, there are so many options to choose from in terms of colors, transition, and duration. It can even sync to your music playlist.However, the big knock I have, which could be a deal-breaker for some, is the wiring comes up short in a couple of places. The driver-side footrest light cable is the worst. You can see how I basically have the light hanging out, it's the farthest I could get it, and used the extra clips they sent to mount it. No longer OEM-looking, but unnoticeable unless you're looking down there, and don't think about it! Hopefully, I don't kick it by accident, and it's kind of nice how much it illuminates that side. I had to spend most of the installation time on this issue and settled with having it stick out. Another area cables are too short is where you stuff the sub-controller in the armrest, my storage tray add-on is really snug, almost jammed in just to fit. The wiring isn't too thick or too much, just short so I can't shove down the storage tray all the way.All-in-all, I'm still happy with the purchase, the car feels "preemo", the inside looks great and it's worth keeping.

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  • These LED light strips are extremely easy to install, so you can upgrade your car's interior without the need for professional installation. Simply plug them in and enjoy the beautiful light display
  • The extra wiring may be a safety hazard