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Review on Thx4COPPER Sports Knee Brace Compression Sleeve For Joint Pain And Arthritis Relief, Enhanced Circulation Support For Running, Jogging, Workout, And Gym – Top-Quality Knee Support by John Munajj

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Not More Effective than Standard Braces and they can cause skin irritation.

First a disclaimer as my wife has several different pairs of these(elbow, ankle, knee) and says they do seem to provide some relief. Based on her advice I purchased a brace hoping for relief on a knee that has a damaged meniscus and partially torn MCL. I have found it provides about the same level of comfort and relief as just about any brace. That said I have also noticed that after wearing it for a few hours the skin under the brace becomes sensitive and starts itching. In my wife’s case she actually broke out in a skin rash at the top and bottom edges of the brace and says because of the discomfort that it causes her that she can only wear it at night. I will not go so far as to say it is a bad product as my wife has had some relief from these, but in my case I don’t really see any difference between these and any brace you might pick up at your local drugstore with the exception that the drugstore braces will probably not cause skin irritation. Overall they provide relief by providing a gentle pressure around the knee joint. They cover the knee and extend about 6 to 8 inches both above and below to provide complete coverage. They are easy to put on, seem flexible, and do stay in place. They are made out of a stretchy canvas like material with black and gold thread. Not sure if the gold colored thread is actually copper but I suppose that really does not matter as something like this either works and supports the manufactures claims or they don’t. They might be more effective for someone who has arthritis rather than a damaged knee

  • Doesn't require any additional straps or supports
  • May not be suitable for those who have a knee infection