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Review on Macks Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs by Carrie Spencer

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Snoring, repairs and more - there is no good for sleep :)

I want to write a review about my helpers and saviors - earplugs! I discovered them for myself purely by accident - I bought a travel kit in the store, which included earplugs, a sleep bandage, an inflatable U-shaped pillow. I don’t even remember when it was, but what I remember exactly is that I didn’t use plugs during pregnancy (we call them that in a simple way), but it’s a pity! I remember how hard it was for me to fall asleep in recent months, I was very restless and jumped up at every rustle. With earplugs, this period would be very comfortable. Usually I buy one pair in a pharmacy, the price is around 8-9 UAH. This time, the following situation happened: we were going on a trip with an overnight stay, I put a bag of earplugs in a conspicuous place, but my family shifted them, and I forgot to take them with me. I remembered this at the station. I always take ear plugs on the train, I sleep much better with them. This time I hardly slept (except for the lack of plugs, my insomnia was facilitated by a child sleeping with me on the same shelf). On the trip, we rented a house, and imagine the situation: there is a noisy road nearby (brukovka), in the house there is a loud rattling Soviet refrigerator, next to me - at times a snoring husband ... I immediately realized what my lunch dream would look like :( after insomnia on the train, I wanted to sleep peacefully for at least a few hours, but alas, I didn’t sleep well. So that the night would not turn into a nightmare, I walked through the local pharmacies and I was sold the last pair of earplugs in the package.That's how I found out They have a noise reduction level of as much as 32 dB, I looked on the Internet, this is a very high level of protection :) I was convinced of this in practice: when I went to bed at night in our house and plugged my ears, there was complete silence! Even the fridge next to me was completely silent. I was delighted :) I bought these earplugs for 12 UAH a pair, but this is in a city where prices are higher. Instructions in Ukrainian: Even on the zip bag with earplugs there is an instruction (albeit in English, because the earplugs are American). And here they are, my dear earplugs: What can I say? I actively use them when traveling (for example, it becomes possible to sleep on the train), but mostly at home. Sometimes my husband snores and wakes me up. And so - dressed and sleep. In general, it became very comfortable. From a distance, sounds can reach me (for example, a doorbell, a mobile alarm clock), consciousness reacts to such stimuli; it will not react to any unimportant ones that break through the protection (noise from the street, the sound of dishes from the kitchen, etc.). After the birth of a child, I became nervous :( it’s difficult to fall asleep. Extraneous sounds are distracting. And I put on earplugs - and that’s it, calmness sets in. Of course, there is a minus in this regard - I can’t always fall asleep without earplugs, it’s already uncomfortable without them, noisy. It’s nice to sleep in silence (and it’s useful, a person should rest in darkness and silence in order to recover as much as possible.) It’s just, probably, a matter of habit. With them I fall asleep quickly, and without them - longer. But even before discovering earplugs, I didn’t fall asleep quickly (like, for example, my husband - give him a foothold ...;) ) As for pollution. My ears are arranged in such a way that sulfur does not accumulate in them quickly, but my husband (he also uses earplugs from time to time) is faster. Therefore, it is desirable to clean the ears more often (but not deep, so that the sulfur does not push even deeper into the auditory canal). You don't need to wash the earplugs. This is written in the instructions, but we deduced this empirically. My husband got dirty and he washed it. They stopped gathering into a thin cylinder before immersion in the ear. In simple words - they do not shrink after washing. You can't put them in your ear. For me personally, it turns out with difficulty, and it’s not so comfortable to sleep in such. Therefore, it is better to buy new ones. although the husband uses such "inflated" after washing and does not complain. But I would not recommend doing this, judging by the instructions. From time to time, earplugs are lost (I just keep them under my pillow, it happens that they roll somewhere), so again you have to buy new ones. In addition to earplugs, I sleep with a sleep bandage (if I sleep during daylight hours or if I'm on a train or bus). When it’s also dark for the eyes, then it’s generally super. I just don’t really recommend such a bandage for sleeping, it protects mediocrely from light. My mother-in-law sleeps very badly, especially when my child spends the night with her. This is how most women work - to respond to the slightest rustle coming from a crib. And yes, age. They offered her ear plugs, as she might not sleep at all at night, but she refuses, motivating "I can not hear the child." I will say this to this - if a child needs something, he will always get through to me. Children know how to scream and demand their own so that the neighbors from the lower floors can hear;)) I have never had problems with "hearing a child". Of the other possible disadvantages of earplugs - ears can get tired of them. For example, after a few days (or a week) of continuous wear (all night, daytime sleep), the ears can be unpleasant or even painful from the plugs. It is especially unpleasant to sleep on such a painful ear. I still don’t understand what it depends on, maybe on anatomical features? Or from improper use (after reading the instructions, I realized that I might not be taking them out quite correctly) ?? For some reason, it is the left ear that is so painful for me in 99% of cases. When this happens, it takes several days not to plug the painful ear so that it rests.

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  • Helps to fall asleep quickly and sleep peacefully, despite the noises around us; price; ease of use
  • Can not be washed; the ear can get tired.

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