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Review on 🏕️ Streamlined Performance: Liberty Mountain Aluminium Guyline Adjuster for Optimal Tent Stability by Darryel Tokarczyk

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Backpack sag adjuster

I've been looking for these for several years and no one even had them in sporting goods stores. They are 1.5" long, 5/8" wide, 3/32" thick and have 0.22" holes. I can get a 1/4 inch rope to pull it through but it was tight. I was interested in these as I don't like slack adjusters that look like a saw blade (which almost rip the rope every time you insert or remove it), but they allow for multiple adjustments without wearing out the rope. You really have to thread the rope through the holes the first time you use them (it can be painful), but once on them it's almost impossible to lose them (compared to slip-on devices that can). fall or get lost). The rope can be pulled through them, keeping it mostly horizontal with an upward bend, thread the rope up through one hole, back down through the second, pull the rope up to a tent pole (or similar), then back to the second hole and tie a knot. If the rope you're using is big enough to thread heavily through the hole a second time, skip the "back through the second" step and it will likely still hold (since the larger rope won). I can't easily slip through the hole unless it's at a 90 degree angle to the rope's movement and the tension should pull it almost parallel to the rope). Part of my use of them will be to install an "old fashioned" tent shelter. I know a lot of people who like "instant awnings" these days, but they still need to be fixed with ropes/stakes in the wind, easily bend/damage, and require 4 people to set up (1 person needs to be on each leg, otherwise are they easy to tie). Для сравнения, простой брезент (возможно, больше, чем просто 10 X 10), 4-6 "шестов для палатки", таких как эти Texsport Ajustable Tent Pole, чтобы удерживать его, и несколько веревок / кольев дают вам практически то же самое за the same thing. price, so make your choice.

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