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Review on Keystone Tablet Mnemonic Compatible Hardware by Patejl Patejlson

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How to get great offer with same quality

We live in turbulent times in crypto space. The centralized solutions - centralized exchanges are threaten to go busted. It is more than ever important how you will invest and work with your holdings. One of the main topic nowadays is how you will secure your crypto holdings in order to avoid any further loses (hacks, bankruptcies etc.). It is omnipresent saying "Not your keys, not your coins" is getting more important and we should definitely follow the path. So you have ordered the hardware wallet and would like to secure your holding with it but as you know there are some caveats with the hardware wallets that I am perceiving that they are similarly important and that is how you would secure your seed phrase which is the part of the process you should have secure the most. If your seed phrase is leaked or destroyed you can loose the access to your crypto and the above mentioned "Not your keys, not your coins" could vanish. There are plenty options how to secure the seed phrase but they differ in the materials and in the method of recording the words of the seed phrase. They differ also in price but you should never decide for the cheaper solution sacrificing security. There is one great solution and it is called Billfodl which is more convenient than engraving in the metal plate, it is better than memorizing the words and can last throughout the time. You can use the letters and form the words (actually only first four letters are enough to form the right word and many hardware wallets are working like that - hinting the whole word). This type is more convenient than putting down the letters via engraving pencils or other means. Billfodl use metal as a material which can persist in case of fire etc. that is why metal solutions are better than paper solution (the paper can be easily destroyed or the color can bleach out in the matter of time - expecting that you hodl your crypto long term). So it seems as a perfect solution but here comes Keystone Tablet which looks like completely similar as the Billfodl but with much lower price tag and you are not sacrificing any security at all.

img 1 attached to Keystone Tablet Mnemonic Compatible Hardware review by Patejl Patejlson

Moreover today is the great time as with the Black Friday promotion you can have a huge discount as much as 30 %


img 2 attached to Keystone Tablet Mnemonic Compatible Hardware review by Patejl Patejlson

This is a great opportunity how to secure your seed phrase for lower price tag than 30 USD.

img 3 attached to Keystone Tablet Mnemonic Compatible Hardware review by Patejl Patejlson

I think it is definitely worth it and you should be ordering the Keystone Tablet now. You can have it with their proprietary hardware wallet which comes also with the discount.

  • cheaper
  • metal
  • secure
  • easy to use
  • none

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November 29, 2022
Thank you for checking my Trezor review. Indeed this one seems as a cheep version of the more famous Billfodl. I will try to order one within the Black Friday promotion. security is worth every penny.