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Review on Travel In Comfort With ONEDONE Portable Urinal For Kids - Perfect For Camping, Car Or Trains by Joseph Montes

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Great for potty training & longer car trips after potty trained.

We originally purchased this for potty training & it works great, especially when you are in a pinch to get to a potty before they can’t hold it any longer & an accident might happen.car rides to anywhere, longer car rides, festivals, zoo, museum, amusement & water parks, neighborhood & city parks, the mall.it stayed in my purse even when I stopped carrying a diaper bag. It’s pretty easy to discretely pull down elastic waist bottoms in the front just enough to put all the privates into the elephant trunk. I had to even do this once when the women’s restroom was being cleaned at a Walmart & my son was too young to go into the men’s restroom alone. We just went into a corner near the restroom & took out the elephant. He was not then exposed in a public place & anyone that saw us with the elephant into to his pants made a comment about how genius it was or wishing that it was available when their kid grew up. You do have to unscrew the top off to empty, because the funnel in to prevents urine from spilling out (along with the front closure of the "trunk”) so you cannot just simply pour out with the top on. This is convenient though for putting it back into the car or purse & feel confident that it will not spill out & have you or your vehicle smelling like urine.My son is now 4 & just recently I dug it out & put it in the car for longer trips, again. One day we took a 3 hour road trip & he asked for the "elephant” when we were in the middle of nowhere & could not find a place to stop to use the restroom. He said he could not hold it any longer & had already leaked a bit. I had to pull over & let him be one with nature. Yes, he is a boy & it’s easy for him urinate on the side of any road in an emergency, however I am trying to teach him that you can’t just do this whenever & wherever you want. That is for emergencies only & he should use the elephant when he can (and why it got put back into the car). We let him go outside in the backyard at home, but one day he pulled his pants down at a neighborhood park to urinate. I want him to understand this is NOT ok. It’s not safe from predators & I want to teach him to have better manners than pulling over on the side of the road to urinate when he is much older.

  • BETTER MATERIAL-Stronger and durable PP material, safe for kids.Large opening, easy to clean. Can be repeatedly used after cleaning.
  • May not be suitable for use in all types of terrain or environments