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Review on Acer VG240Y Bmiix FREESYNC Technology 23.8", 1920X1080P, 75Hz, Frameless, HD, HDMI by Freddie Gomez

Great monitor for the price.

I was looking for a gaming monitor for my Xbox One, used a Sony Bravia HD TV and it never let me down when I wanted to game while someone was watching TV. Yes. I looked at the BenQs Zowie and almost pulled the trigger, but I really wanted an IPS monitor. So far I am happy with the purchase and for the price very happy with the quality of the product. Dimensions: Since the monitor does not come with an adjustable stand, here are some measurements that may help you decide whether to buy a monitor. separate rack. Height from desk to bottom of monitor: 3 1/2 inches, Height from desk to bottom of viewable screen: 4 1/4 inches. Height from desk to top of monitor: 16 1/4", Monitor width: 21 1/4". The height of the monitor stand was perfect for me, so I didn't need a separate stand. First impression: The monitor comes in a plain box with black graphics, nothing special. The packaging seemed reasonable for the price, standard foam protection wrapped in plastic. The assembly went smoothly, everything clicked into place. You missed the label for the ports, there are two HDMI ports but neither of them are labeled, which one is HDMI 1 and 2? Small details are left out to fit the price range it's in. The monitor stand does its job well and looks pretty cool. Startup: Luckily for me, I didn't notice any dead or stuck pixels. Color and Appearance: Upon unboxing, the black color has been heavily washed to a light gray. Terrible. Fiddled with the settings and lowered the brightness. The settings menu has a lot of depth and settings, I set "games" for me. The only negative thing I have to say about this monitor is that in gaming mode it prints the number "60" in the upper right corner of the screen. I'm not sure why they did it but well I'm used to it. Another useful feature that I don't use is a monitor with a built-in crosshair that you can turn on in several different versions. This was not mentioned in any of the information I read about it. Gameplay: Flawless as far as my aging eyes can tell, no problem. I'm nearing the end of another playthrough of the Mass Effect trilogy and the gameplay has been exciting. It feels more responsive when playing on an old Sony Bravia HDTV. Maybe it's all in my head. In live-action movies, cutscenes aren't very good, maybe it's because of the "Player" mode settings. I've only used this monitor for Xbox One so can't comment on how good it looks in photo editing or anything like that, but based on the number of settings it seems to fit like a standard desktop screen. I think this is an excellent monitor for the price and I am very happy with its performance. Hope that helps.

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Pros & cons

  • 75 Hertz
  • Limited viewing angles.

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