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Review on SECRUI Wireless Doorbell: Waterproof Mini Doorbell with 1,000ft Range, 5 Volume Levels, Mute Mode, LED Flashing - Black by Shantel Griffin

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Great call, but there are a number of nuances.

Hello, today I will talk about the KERUI M525 wireless doorbell. When you need to install a device without using wires, KERUI is a great solution. This is what it looks like, I have it in black, it is also sold in white. He is able to keep the signal over a long distance, this is true for country houses, cottages or vestibules, as in my case. Before him, I had a different model, but it is on KERUI that it is possible to add and decrease the volume of the sound signal, this function was not in the previous model. The round button in the center is responsible for this function. There are a sufficient number of melodies (32 variations), you can select them by pressing the + and - buttons An interesting solution with LED backlight, when you press the bell, it flashes. Another very important advantage of the call is that it works from the network, no batteries are needed, which can run out at the most inopportune moment. And now about the nuances: The fork on the body does not spin, they could have made it swivel. I have outlets in the hallway with a perpendicular connector, so the device is installed in a horizontal position. From here, not everything can be connected to the adjacent connector, something may not fit in size. And the most interesting moment, if there is a sudden power outage followed by turning it on, the bell will emit a sound signal at maximum volume, even if it was previously set to the minimum, as if informing us that it is active again. Now imagine a picture if this happens at night? My child woke up from a call in the middle of the night and cried for half an hour for fear that someone wants to get to us.) I always keep the volume on the minimum mode, for a three-room apartment up to 100 square meters this is enough. Let me summarize. I will recommend the KERUI M525 wireless doorbell, the budget thing does its job perfectly. It costs only 700 rubles on Ali. as standard, it holds well (double-sided adhesive tape), mini batteries are already in the device, and the bell itself works from the mains. Simple, convenient, reliable.

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  • Works great Inexpensive Mains powered Volume control
  • The plug does not turn After turning off and then turning on the network, it beeps loudly