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Review on Universal Gel Pad Inserts For Improved Comfort And Support by Billy Mariner

Revainrating 3 out of 5

(Two) 2.5 " x 7 " tens pads

This is a set of 2 oversized tensive pads - 2.5" x 7".They're good quality pads, but very pricey. The current asking price is $15 for 2 pads, while I'm more accustomed to paying $1 each for pads. These are, however, slightly better quality than the more common black pads that you see.Each pad has 4 leads.If using at home / personal use, you can reuse these a few times if you're careful. You can also use tensive gel adhesive (inexpensive, about $6 per tube) to reuse them indefinitely. Just be aware the tensive gel is a bit messier than using a fresh pad, goes on like rubber cement, you have to wash it off your skin after each use.They work great, my only complaint is the vague product description and the price.

  • Versatile
  • Universal sizing may not provide the perfect fit for every shoe, leading to potential compatibility issues