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Review on Game console Sony PlayStation 5 825 GB SSD, white/black by Jnis Bukovskis ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great product, a pleasure to use.

How to buy PS5? Just go to the Amazon and pre-order (not on the site, but in the store! ). I did this on March 10th, on the 17th I already got my hands on my PS5. Well, naturally made out with an advance payment. As for the curling iron itself. there is more negative hype on the internet, I don't quite understand why. PS5 is now the best gaming platform, no matter how the boyars yelled at the PC, but this is a fact. Everything works like clockwork there, the graphics, to be honest, are not much inferior to the maximum on the PC. 4k looks almost identical, where the shadows are slightly lower quality, but you will never see this in dynamics. Is it worth it to overpay 4-6 times for 15% graphic improvements? I think no) Try The Last of Us 2, it's the best game sequel ever. Peace for everyone!

Updated 10 months ago
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I wanted to add some photos to my review to showcase the beauty of my experience.


  • Silent: launched the god of war in 4k 60fps, last of as 2 and after 8 hours of play NOT A SINGLE SOUND! AT ALL! Only if you put your ear close to the console, you hear a slight rustle of turntables. Compared to my PC with top-end cooling from bi-quiet, it generally seems to work on pive cooling. Sony, did you sell your soul to the devil for such a coldness ? It does not heat up: the air comes out a little warm, there is simply no question of any overheating. And so on. Powerful: launched all the top games, everything goes perfectly! I was amazed that even the apex goes without a single lag or FPS drop (even a ing fountain on Olympus does not drop FPS). SSD: Download speed is faster than ssd evo m2 from samsung. Surprised here too. Really cool in the same last of as loading takes 1-3 seconds. Stylish: the design is a matter of taste, but I really liked it. Compact: Yes, it's compact compared to any uncut PC and not much bigger than a 3rd PlayStation to be honest. After listening to the reviewers, I thought there was a huge ditch in general, and when I pulled it out of the box, I was already surprised at how cool it was. Joystick: He's just cool in everything. Comfortable, cool triggers. The charge lasts 13-15 hours of continuous play with monitor headphones connected (I think an hour longer without them). In short, the charge is enough for the eyes.
  • 1. The software is a bit damp: there was a crash and a crash from the ps store, but only 1 time per month of use (on the PC I encounter jambs every day, then the sound will disappear, then the games will not start and crash, and so on). 2. No discord: I have many friends on the PC in the discord, I would like to be able to contact them through the curling iron and play the same apex. 3. Some games don't have 2022 language: it's a real disaster. resident evil remake, spyro, crash bandicoot And so on. they don’t even have 2022 subles (((Sony, give me the opportunity to put 2022 subles everywhere! Because of this, I bought these games on a PC, and not on a curling iron! 😡 4. I would like more games with support for the 5th curling iron, as it is done on the xbox.