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Sony PlayStation 5 game console 825 GB SSD, white/black midnight

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About Sony PlayStation 5 game console 825 GB SSD, white/black midnight

Lightning-fast loading times with ultra-fast SSD storage, incredible immersion with tactile feedback, adaptive shutter releases and 3D audio, and amazing next-gen PlayStation games. Incredibly powerful CPUs, GPUs, and an SSD with integrated I/O will redefine your PlayStation console experience. The DualSense™ Wireless Controller for PS5 offers gamers a tactile feedback that complements the gaming experience, adaptive triggers and a built-in microphone, all of which complement the recognizable new design perfectly.

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I'm not buying it, it's not up to standard, real junk, the quality is horrible.

Has pros: Games (since I don't have a PS4, I feel like all of the games are brand fresh and exciting) Constructive Criticisms: Price-quality ratio Size Gamepad: if compared to a controller, then this inferior product sold by Alik at a discount is a waste of money.

I am satisfied with everything, both price and quality, I advise you to buy.

Not because of any defects in the sticks, I didn't keep using them; the joysticks are of high quality overall. Personally, I enjoyed the triggers and the enhanced vibration, but I recognize that they are not for everyone even though they are otherwise superior to any on the market (maybe save for the elites from Microsoft). Outbids and a lack of consoles are not, in my opinion, a drawback of the console.

A great option for this money, I definitely recommend it!

Has pros: Excellent prefix Thank you so much to the vendor for the Japanese version of the CFI-1200A! Everything has been carefully packaged and is brand new and complete. Both the father and the child appear content as they engage in joyful play. When compared to the Dendy and Sega consoles that we played as kids, the level of gaming and graphical quality is simply not in the same league. In a short amount of time, we were able to set up, connect, and create a Turkish account. A present was given for one of the games, which is quite thoughtful. The purchase was made on the spur of the moment for the birthday of my husband, and I am very satisfied with the result! Cons: The terrible arrival by the courier, which utterly ruined everything's mood. It is completely unrelated to the product in any way. It is more convenient to pick up all purchases at the location where they were made.

The perfect product for any user!

You quickly registered an account, you are able to play the games you wanted to play, and everything is cool in general if you understand the most recent trends and how to navigate all of the most recent changes in the globe.

The quality of the product is at the level, I will recommend this product to my friends.

Pros: I switched from Xbox One X to it, and it's excellent! Cool gadgets with graphics, SSD, and design. new drawbacks: I now get crazy in the market. For $80,000, it is being sold.

It was a reasonable purchase, will order more.

Some advantages include the fact that it was purchased in March at the dns shop on pre-order due to the manager there. Similar to everything. Doesn't get extremely hot. One of the two of us got through the test with flawless 60-frame scores. Some cons: The month of June saw the debut of drift sticks. On June 29, the gamepad was sent in for repair or replacement through the Sony website. I will write down how the events will unfold as I find out more information.

The quality is at the level, I am satisfied with everything.

Advantages are listed below: Definitely a plus. Everything from the improved visual quality and responsiveness of game consoles to the touch pad included in the remote control. In fact, you should do it at least once because the experience is hard to put into words. I was struck by a few things: In one game, I blew on the remote to make the fan spin, and I could feel the vibrations, just like raindrops drumming on an umbrella. The breadth of today's video game offerings is significantly more than it was even a decade ago. Look at the downsides: One remote control is included. I appreciate that consoles these days are built more for online projects, but it's still fun for people of my generation to come together and play a local two-player game like Mortal Kombat. A separate remote control will set you back another five grand in this section. The system costs 60k, games cost between $3000 and $7,000, and a second controller costs 10k.

The best thing for the money, Im glad I chose this option.

In a sense, yes, but the design of the console is simultaneously its strong point and its weak point. And then there's the appearance. In addition to its futuristic appearance, the console's outside panels are simple to swap out. I believe that in the not-too-distant future, the industry of making original panels will experience significant growth. The fact that it is practical is a drawback. There is a limit to where you can put it. Bandura is good for you. It is still difficult to deduce anything from the games because there are so few of them and their rules are not completely publicized. I believe that the PS4 anchor will for some time slow down the creation of games for the PS5 console. As a result, if you already own a PlayStation 4, I would caution you against making a hasty purchase of this machine. Regarding the gamepad, a separate review can be found here.

I was surprised by the quality for the price.

It was something I did before each of the events. At outbids, it went for 62,000. The system itself more than meets expectations; the only complaint that can be leveled is that the gamepads have to be wired-in and charged at regular intervals. The nature of the issue has not been determined as of yet.

Pros & cons

  • Performance
  • Availability

Terrible purchase, only wasted money.

Nowhere in the console's description does it mention that it is intended for the Chinese market, hence it is blocked in the Chinese region. It's nothing more than a useless piece of plastic without a third-party backup or a second PS5 console. This seller's deception is outright fraud. The console is a waste of the client's money, time, and nerves because it is purely for returns. I'm not the only one who advises against shopping at the MANOM store.

Pros & cons

  • No
  • Consumer deception, a lengthy delivery time, an inaccurate product description, crumpled packing, and a lack of security seals on the packaging.

Full compliance with the manufacturer's assurances, high quality.

The good things about it are that it works quickly, that it loads quickly, and that it barely gets hot. The negatives: The joystick's connection cable was missing. Finding a suitable one at home was a relief, but having it accepted as a present made things awkward.

Performs its functions, nothing unusual.

There was a price difference between ordering with and not receiving a game when I arrived without the game Horizon Forbidden West, therefore I paid more. E-Smart retailer

Pros & cons

  • Everything loads quickly and quietly.
  • not yet discovered

I really like the product, it fully meets my expectations.

There are no problems at all. The business owned by Cheubbuck is outstanding. I was concerned that China would show there, but Japan decided not to; therefore, everything is in order. I inserted a Turkish account, and everything seems to be in working order. Organizes itself neatly excellent done guys - I advise

Pros & cons

  • There is no tambourine dance in the Chinese version. The adaptor has been placed inside the box, thus everything should be fine now. Price Top notch packaging. It seemed as though the gaming system had just been introduced because it came in its original packaging.
  • The 2022 PS store owned by the Japanese has not been returned as of yet.

I really like the product, it fully meets my expectations.

Prior to it, only PS1 was available. Kids have a PS3. So, on the second day after sales began, I made the decision to buy a PS5 (disc version) for myself and spent 50K there. I was so ecstatic when I got there that my hands were shaking as I unpacked XD. The feelings have now diminished. desired a digital edition at first, but accepted what was. Even after two months, I still think the smartphone is really attractive. I spent a lot of time deciding between the Xbox SX and PS5 before to purchasing. The WiFi5 module rather than the more recent WiFi6 (I'd like to remind you that these are next-gen gadgets for 7 years) and even the gamepad batteries (okay, they are not mine) are reasons why I didn't enjoy the Xbox. despite tales of a dualsense that discharges rapidly. The gamepad has never actually been put to rest (although I can play for 4 hours straight and there is still plenty of power left). I simply dock it and go on to other tasks after that. Approximately 35 Mbps can be…

Best thing I have ever used, highly recommended!

It is well worth the price, which can go up to 60,000 r. The digital version was initially ordered from another retailer for 59,000, and delivery was expected in one week. Then I discovered in this shop that for the same price they offered a version that included a disk drive and had a delivery time of just four hours. Nothing more than a fairy tale.

Pros & cons

  • Quiet, swift, stylish. In most cases, the Dual Sense joystick will play a tune.
  • Price

Everything in the purchase suits, a very necessary product.

newer generation console. That says everything. In actuality, this is a hardware upgrade similar to one done on a PC. Since there are still no true exclusives in this new generation with aesthetics that immediately said "This is a next-gen, welcome, you can be awesome," It everything snowballed: the pandemic, the console, component, and chip shortages. What keeps us from seeing true next-gen games even now, a year after the official start of sales? We will have to settle for cross-gen or under-next gen consoles until there is a large enough user base for them. In any event, the PS5 already has a few exclusive games that are enjoyable to play and have good visuals (but a steep price tag). The PS5 is an all-inclusive, low-cost gaming system that, for the money, solves the game-related problem for the ensuing five to six years. The console ensures that throughout this time, you will be able to play any current games with graphics that are at least passably good. Of course, there is also…

I can't stop being happy with the purchase, a very good deal!

After making the conversion from a PS4 Pro, the variations in game performance are not really evident at first sight; nevertheless, differences in loading speed, fan noise, and interface are visible in general.

Pros & cons

  • Great console, very quiet, and far faster loading times than the PS4 Pro
  • Did not reveal

It's impossible to use it, don't waste your money.

In my opinion, Sony's demise as a vendor coincided with the implementation of their pointless strategy of selling to resellers at all. Set-top boxes are not available for purchase by the general public under any circumstances because they were all provided to distributors with the expectation that they will sell them for twice as much. I was forced to purchase it for 62,000, is there any chance that Sony will reimburse me the difference in price between what the hucksters were asking and what the official pricing was? Why should I pay for this arbitrary thief's bandit behavior?

Nothing ordinary, a normal product.

The PlayStation 5 has an enormous size, an odd height, and a peculiar form. With all of its perks. A cutting-edge, powerful console. Pretty quiet. There are some games that are just available on the PlayStation 5, and you won't be able to play them anyplace else. You are able to extend the amount of storage available on the device by installing an M.2 NVMe SSD drive (this does not result in any loss of speed, despite Sony's claims that the built-in SSD is extremely quick). Various disadvantages: Let's take an objective look at how it stacks up against the Xbox Series X/S. PSNow only has a small selection of games available for purchase, in contrast to the Xbox Game Pass's library of over 400 games, many of which are of a very high quality. Immediately establish a reasonable budget for the games. In addition, the price of AAA titles on the PS5 is more than it was for the previous generation. Because the PS5 does not have a "developer mode," it is not able to install any third-party…

I really like the product, it fully meets my expectations.

Has some pros What a steal! Fast, lovely, convenient. It is difficult to explain; you will just have to experience it for yourself. Various disadvantages: Confusion is necessary while making acquisitions through the PlayStation Store. However, this is not an issue with the console itself.