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bjorn daehlie jacket, size s, turkish sea logo

Very light material, skiing will be very comfortable. The bottom is pulled right in the pockets very conveniently. The chest pocket has a hole for headphones. Up to -10 I think it will be comfortable.See full review

thickness gauge rdevice rd-990 lite + galvanized gauge, turbo gauge, ruby ​​gauge logo

Great device for your money. I didn’t particularly come across such devices, and here even instructions are not needed, it is mastered literally from the first time. As long as everything suitsSee full review

shower hose iddis a5021120 chrome logo

I have been buying this product for 15 years now. China is immediately covered and works poorly. Europe - at the price of "don't come close". Iddis - excellent quality! When the thing is completely worn out - I go for a new one, but only Iddis!See full review

laptop backpack 17.3". rivacase 7567 dark gray logo

Pros: Durable, quality seams. My 17" Legion fits perfectly in the laptop compartment. Different cons: The USB port is not fixed in the backpack in any way and fell out on the first use. Access to the "secret" front pocket is inconvenient not only for outsiders, but also for the user himself.See full review

xiaomi miiiw oversized leather cork mouse pad 900*400mm mwmlv01 brown logo

The rug is very stylish, comfortable for hands, nothing slips. Pens and pencils do not roll or slip. If you write on one sheet, then it does not fall through and there are no traces left. Also, the pen writes on 1 sheet! The line is flat. In general, the rug looks very nice.See full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

I bought this mouse after 4 years of using the G703 Lightspeed, which had just a godlike shape for the right hand. After the purchase, there were no disappointments, in the G502 the shape is slightly different, but still very similar to the G703, which is why the mouse fell into the hand like a glove. I also really liked the cut-offs of the wheel, they are very clear and would have done this in all mice . . The time of the mouse was also very pleased. Worked for more than 3 days on a single charSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

At first, my mother was unhappy with the long entry into TV channels compared to the old one. When I learned to use YouTube and movie search from my voice, I realized that TV channels are not needed especiallySee full review

drainage pump daewoo ddp 7500p (5kw, 7500l/hour) logo

Adapters were included in the kit - I immediately threw it away (screwed the connector for quick release) and connected the hose. It works reliably - it pumps water out of barrels for irrigation (it pumps easily 20 meters horizontally). The float works correctly - when the water is completely pumped out, it turns off. I don’t disconnect from the outlet - I throw it into another barrel - the float rises and the pump pumps again. The performance is good - there is pressure at the outlet, it pumps See full review

wheel rim skad le mans 7x16/5x112 d57.1 et45, selena logo

Providing a candid product review.Pros below: Very beautiful. Indeed, better than the pictures. Some cons: I waited a long time, but this is not the fault of the disks.See full review

cable gcr lszh utp cat5e rj-45 - rj-45 (gcr-lszh53), 0.3 m, green logo

Sharing my usage insights.Its pros: nozzle sits tight works without problems - stuck and flew With its cons: color, but I did not find another cable with such footageSee full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with large cuff and mains adapter logo

The numbers are large and do not blur, so one hundred readings can be seen perfectly. If you still have doubts, then I recommend taking this one, you will not regretSee full review

alpha ind. jacket alpha industries m-65 field jacket olive, m (48-50) logo

Pros: I liked everything, I have had this jacket for 5 years, it is very stylish and comfortable. Has some cons: Too short . The floors would be 5-10 centimeters longer, it would be completely nechtyak .See full review


I have dreamed of a treadmill for a long time. This seemed expensive to me, but I bought it anyway. There is a convenient control panel, there is a stand for the phone. If guests come, then the path can be foldedSee full review


Excellent installation. Quiet operation of the mechanism due to the pneumatic actuator of the armature. Some pros: Washes off great. Gaining quickly. Two modes of operation. The water flow is pretty quiet. With its cons: It looks like you need to set a flow limiter. On the Cersanit City toilet, a few drops of water flies out and limitsSee full review

nokian tires hakka black 2 225/40 r19 93y summer logo

Here's my product opinion.I drove on this rubber for two seasons, on the third it was covered with all cracks and falls off in pieces.See full review

goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 3 255/35 r18 94y summer logo

One of the best tires in the RF modification! My size is 225/50 R18 BMW 3 GT! After the previous tires Kontik sport contact 5 RF just heaven and earth ! Excellent rubber in combination of comfort and sport!See full review

soldering station element 898bd, 700 w black logo

The product arrived with a large defect, the hair dryer flow control did not work. immediately refused to solve the problem and redirected to Player. ru. Player. ru has a service center only in Hong Kong, the parcel came to be processed at its own expense, spending money, nerves and time on registration. When asked who should pay the costs, Player. ru unequivocally answered that the buyer and they would not return anything. The application was considered for 3 weeks, after which it was proposedSee full review


if you drive exclusively on a safe, flat road, they have no price, just as afraid of a wet road in warm weather, an uncontrolled skid is possible, be careful when cornering. Pros below: handling, response, acceleration, ideal for the track, after the season the spikes are all in place. Some cons: a low profile is not suitable for our roads, as well as weak sidewalls, it harms the suspension and every hole is a shiz or not.See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Pros below: got for 1900r. many modes of positioning the panels, a lock for opening, rear legs rise for effective draining of fat, heats up much faster than a grill with removable panels Got cons: after grilling with removable panels it is not convenient to washSee full review


Very soft, (225\50\17) after driving in any direction more or less sharp, residual rolling remains, the car cannot level out, I have owned the car for more than five years (BMW X1 E84), for the first time I encountered such soft rubber. Holds the road exactly up to 110 km / h, then closer to 130 the car seems to come off the surface and starts to swim. (Wet snow at temperatures from +2 to -3) Maybe it hasn't finished rolling yet. Over time, I will add a review. Drove 1000 km. Mileage on tires aSee full review

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