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bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

yesterday I crashed the car: I got into a rut where there was water and the car swam, it began to be brought in, as a result, I was thrown onto the bump stop - I tore the entire left side of the car (the car is a new Tiguan R16, it’s good at least on a helmet). A friend of xse has one to one 19 radius - he also complains that it is impossible to drive on a wet road - the car floats.See full review

wireless mouse redragon mirage, black/red logo

The mouse will be good if you use it with a laptop or desktop, but no more than 20 centimeters from the adapter. I tried to use it with a PC, somehow I managed to fix the jerking of the cursor by typing in the settings, but I couldn’t fix the dull scrolling, it’s just a hat - it turns off every 2 seconds, just flipping through the browser turns into a test. And this despite the fact that the PC - miniITX, standing directly on the table, the distance to the adapter was no more than 30 cm. I spatSee full review

dry dog ​​food pro plan opti derma for large breeds with sensitive skin with salmon 14 kg logo

The food is excellent. Dogs enjoy eating. A bag of 14 kg is enough for a month of feeding a mongrel and Pekingese. They eat with pleasure. They eat in portions. Everything you need is included. The health of the dogs is great. Good economical food.See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

With its pros: They work flawlessly for 10 years, they have already bought 3 for 2 generations of our family Got cons: Small cuff size compared to previous editions of the same modelSee full review


We issued a warranty card, the delivery man had a seal, put it on all tear-off coupons, although the guarantee is for 3 years. The cheapest price turned out to be cheaper than on amazon|aliexpress.See full review


very good prefix very happy, children and adults will love it very much! the games are very chic (both in graphics and in interest).See full review


no problems with charging, no problems with turning off the electric motor. or someone is unlucky or not properly exploitedSee full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

I liked the device. There is something to compare this one with. I had 3 before that they beat the mini-robot m365 and Kugo m5. A good range of 40 km and there were still 5 divisions out of 6. Of the shortcomings, I can say about the low ground clearance and long wheelbase, you need to take into account the passage of obstacles. Lack of a rear handle to raise the back of the scooter. The chambers in the wheels need to be maintained at about 4 atmospheres without a chamber would be much better. ASee full review


The clamp for a flat slot is not very convenient, it is better for a Phillips screwdriver, easier to install, especially when you install without seeing the clampSee full review


With this rubber, when the stud comes out, it starts to poison the air. those. it feels like the spike is coming off with a piece of rubber. You have to constantly either pump up or use a repair kit. Moreover, the air comes out exactly at the point of departure of the spike. Well, the spikes themselves also do not live long. I can't say enough good things about the quality of the tires. I would take such not studded ones for myself again, but NEVER with studded ones. Manufacturer pay attention!See full review


My personal product experience.Got pros: Good tires. Rescued in this snowy winter more than once. Some cons: a large number of spikes makes itself felt. noisySee full review

women''s sneakers, reversal, 21010-5/white-grey-(white)-37 logo

Not the first time I take. They look small, graceful, modest and elegant. Enough for a season of intensive wear, the skin is very thin, immediately breaks (pictured after a week of use)See full review


185 / 70R14 drove one winter season on roads of various surfaces, including intercity routes in an all-wheel drive minivan. Sometimes all 7 seats were taken. Copes with any load. During the season, I have not lost a single spike, although the roads in the city are being cleaned to asphalt. Three times urgently slowed down, successfully, paid off with a vengeance. Once saved a life (pushed to the side of the road when overtaking). At the tire fitting they said that they got good ones, they are veSee full review


Unfortunately, I started saving money on installations. Finishers noticed that the bolts are not that long either. and not all gaskets were enough.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Very good tires, I have been using them for more than a year. The quality is very good. Shintorg store is excellent, I recommend With its pros: This tire is well suited for compact and mid-size cars. The pattern in these tires is V-shaped, moisture is removed well. With its cons: If you drive on roads without snow at all, then there will be a little noiseSee full review

pirelli ice zero 225/60 r17 103t winter logo

Passed winter 2022-2022. Tires are worth the money. If for this price and with the same quality, but with less noise, there will be no price.See full review


Jacket (Park) - just FIRE! Indeed, this is the real Alaska! - Light, beautiful, warm and comfortable! The parcel came well packed, all the buttons on the jacket, the zipper slider were wrapped in paper to protect against damage! As a meticulous person, I examined and checked everything - all the seams are sewn evenly and neatly, there are no hanging threads . Buttons must be sewn on before, because. the factory sewing seemed weak to me and you can lose the button! . and the only thing is that thSee full review


I bought similar wipers before, there were no significant complaints about the work, in this case I observe a decrease in quality and an increase in cost.See full review

electric trimmer karcher ltr 18-30 battery set, 30 cm logo

Pros below: Lightweight, mows well, charges quickly, informative display, very simple and convenient line feed mechanism. Got cons: Not suitable for grass with thick stems that are tall above the kneeSee full review


Great brand, I have been using only these oils for almost 10 years. The price-quality ratio is one of the best. As an example, there is a commercial vehicle that has run 340,000 km on this oil. The engine is clean and runs like clockwork.See full review

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