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disc vs cd-r 80 52x cb/50 logo

Discussing my thoughts and views.Crappy discs, half a box wasted, about one in four is successfully recorded, the rest fly into the bucketSee full review

wheel disk skad delhi 6x15/5x100 d57.1 et38, 7.8 kg, graphite logo

In appearance they are not inferior to native disks. I wanted to take exactly r15 for the winter, so that it would be softer, the result was achieved, the recumbent ones became less noticeableSee full review

car compressor swat swt-106 60 l/min 5.5 atm silver logo

The wheels are pumping, what else do you need from the compressor) before that, the passer-by worked for 5 years until the switch diedSee full review

turtleneck for women happyfox hf4204, size 44, blue logo

Fits well. The throat does not press. Cotton with elastane. Will not stretch in the sock. Doesn't shrink or stretch after washingSee full review

acrylic double-sided adhesive tape for cars 3m 6009f 8mm x 5m x 0.8mm (mounting tape, double-sided adhesive tape) 3m made in germany 00-00000739 logo

Genuine opinion about the item.Has pros: I glued the roller blind, so far it is holding up well Different cons: It is difficult to tear off the film from the adhesive layerSee full review

petrol trimmer champion t256-2, 0.95 hp, 41 cm logo

More often I work with a fishing line, but sometimes I switch it to a knife - if the grass is tall, or the young growth of trees, interrupts with a bang.See full review

professional screwdriver set with magnetic bits 24 in 1 , screwdriver with bits , for phone, tablet, laptop, and precision work with a set of bits . logo

I was expecting a different set, I thought it was a discount. The photo is just another set. and this black plastic case comes with a very mediocre set inside. There are such sets in the fix price that are several times cheaper and better. I don’t recommend buying at all, if it weren’t for the low cost, I would have returned back and filed a complaint.See full review

d-link dub-1312 b2a gigabit ethernet usb 3.0 network adapter logo

It is defined in the system as a Chinese analogue with its own drivers and VID / PID code. Suitable for office work, for something more specialized - no.See full review

bit ph2x 29mm impact (shock) ty-bit (universal) wiha 7011ty 42100 logo

if you need a minimum of a tool, it will do with a bang if used as the main bit, it comes out about 2 times more expensive than other manufacturers (compared with hilti, crafttool, bosh, mr. logo)See full review


When the tires were balanced, I peeped - there was no beating. As if turned on a lathe. Weights of 15 grams were installed on each wheel. I was surprised that it was the same on all wheels. In short - I'm happy!See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Not more for a season and then scrapped, so for the money it's cheaper than a Nokia for 3 seasons, at least it's enough, and it's better not to risk it on a cordian.See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

For the money, it's not even bad. I recommend, There is nothing superfluous, it turns off when it heats up, and at the end of cooking it turns off by turning the knob. Tens in the form of a dog bone, it’s good to eat. Good and peace to all. Has some pros: Discount price. Appearance Easy to use, kids can handle making sandwiches. Cons below: The cord is short, the socket should be right next to the device.See full review


I revived the old monoblock, added RAM, changed the disk to ssd, replaced the old Celeron with this process, wine 11 took off, due to which I can’t say for sure)See full review


The case is made of two parts: an external plastic overlay, which is attached to the main plastic part with 4 screws, in my opinion this is not a very good solution, the external overlay can crack upon impact, especially considering that even simply prying it with a fingernail leads to its easy bending. And under this overlay, debris will accumulate, which is also bad. Animation of seconds and minutes is also made on the screen, it cannot be turned off in any way. The animation is stupid and juSee full review


The machine lies comfortably in the hand. The head with blades shaves smoothly and follows the contours of the face well. My stubble is not thick and seems soft, I shave every 3-4 days. I think it should take a long time! The price, in my opinion, is biting, but now, on New Year's Eve, you can buy it in places with a good discount. In general, I recommend buying. It was a nice bonus for me that I am participating in the competition "Gillette - shaving without compromise! "See full review


Sharing my genuine thoughts.I took 2 different models 04 I don’t advise anyone to take it 01 nothing stinks there Take it only for quartzing the roomSee full review


I've been wanting a big fridge for a long time. Very satisfied with the purchase. Before that, there was an expensive refrigerator of another brand. A bunch of bells and whistles, but broke 2 times in 3 years. We decided to try Samsung. So far so goodSee full review

mitsubishi shumma engine conditioner, 0.25 l logo

An excellent tool for decarbonizing internal combustion engines and oil rings, I made myself decarbonizing on golf 7, the oil burner disappeared.See full review

dobe joy-con controller holder case for nintendo switch (tns-851) black logo

Excellent holders. It is much more convenient to play with them. I ordered first for Amazon and for wb, both times they came in the wrong color. delivered the next day, what you need.See full review


The price is high, of course, but you have to pay for quality now. I took it as a replacement for a home shield. I didn’t take a B-shku, it’s quite enough for an apartment and C, the main thing is not to take 25 and above for a socket group.See full review

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