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liquid anti-gravel hb body body 650 gray 1 kg can logo

Best used on sills and door bottoms and then painted. It is not worth using on the bottom and arches, it is better to take a product from the same company BODY 930 for these purposesSee full review

split system berlingtoun br-09cst1 bristol wall air conditioner up to 30 sq/m logo

Has some pros: Cools down quickly! All norms work. The installer said one hundred perfectly normal system! For the first time I ordered something like this on the Internet, so I was worried. Some cons: The design is a little old-fashioned, but for this price everything is fire!See full review

supboard bestway 65308, dark green logo

On first inspection, the Sap is well made. Clay was nowhere to be found. As I apply the board, I will add a review. For their money, not even bad.See full review

mountain bike (mtb) stels navigator 900 md 29 f020 (2022) black/red 17.5" (requires final assembly) logo

Sharing my unbiased review.Pros below: Adjusted speeds out of the box. Everything works well. Has cons: The rear wheel is crooked, either the tire or the disk itself.See full review

illuminator ulanzi l2 rgb cob logo

Has some pros: In general, a good tool, I plan to use it for macro and in drone gimbal. Easy to set up, good kit, but there's a problem with it. Cons below: Came complete with a nozzle without magnets - it will not work, but the nozzle is needed.See full review

shulz bubble 20 race kids bike yellow 9.5" (requires final assembly) logo

The bike is very high quality, quite light and stylish. When they bring it in a different color, I'm sure it will be generally irresistible! With its pros: The bike itself is great, I ordered it in a different color on another site for much cheaper Got cons: Color mismatch. Red is essentially a real orange, it is not at all clear why the manufacturer assigned red to it.See full review

bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

When you're racing on the new autobahn, great tires. But it is worth slowing down to the speed allowed by the traffic rules - a strong rumble begins. And when you turn off the autobahn onto ordinary Soviet asphalt, they buzz so much that you can even stick earplugs in your ears. I have winter studded tires and they make less noise. In short - they were not created for our roads.See full review

organizer stanley stst1-70720 sort master light, 29.5x21.5x6.5 cm, black logo

I am satisfied with the purchase, this is my favorite of all the organizers! Has pros: Compactness, quality of materials and design, the ability to integrate several cases into one unit, convenient shutters. With its cons: Strong, but plastic - afraid of high temperatures and may burst when dropped.See full review

hub pwm splitter extension cable for pc fan 1x 4pin - 5x 4pin, 40 cm (black) logo

Everything is working. Connect the main output to the CPU fan, otherwise all coolers will work at full capacity all the time.See full review

xiaomi atuman duka ls5 laser range finder 40m logo

I read the comments and watched the reviews before buying, so I wasn’t particularly upset, I bought the rangefinder as a fallback If it's for work I don't recommend it.See full review

fork oil liqui moly motorbike fork oil heavy 15w 1 l 0.94 kg logo

Oil is generally difficult to evaluate organoleptically, but the plug is filled, pumped up and working. I have bought this brand before and have no complaints.See full review

bicycle upland vanguard 500 29" gray (2022) logo

Impressions from the box and a little run-in: Packed very securely, without a single scratch. The bike is set up right away. • for my weight of 65 kg, the spring is rather stiff for driving on flat paths and small parebriki. • But! I jumped drops on it, the fork works out 90 mm out of 100. There is no hard recoil in the steering wheel, the steering wheel does not swing.See full review

bit and socket set makita b-36170, 47 pcs. logo

I ordered this set, I thought it would be useful, I was mistaken. Now I'm thinking of throwing it away. I've never used it and I'm afraid I don't use it anymore. On a reversible screwdriver, the backlash is so big, I don’t even know what to compare it with. Such a screwdriver can not even tighten the screw. Don't hesitate to buy, waste of money. HORRIBLE SET! !! It would be removed from sale, but they sell everything, despite the reviews, this means that no one reads our reviews from the admins!See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with large cuff and mains adapter logo

I bought it after reading reviews about the tonometer. Everyone says it's accurate. In fact, it is true, tested on my own experience. I advise you to buy.See full review

air filter briggs&stratton 491588s logo

Poor quality casting of the sealing gum, due to which the throughput of the filter element is reduced. But the power loss of the cultivator has not yet been observed.See full review

bluetooth adapter receiver (audio receiver) aux, rca, usb + dac audio converter (toslink - aux, rca ) bluetooth 5.1 b35 logo

A good thing, it performs its function, for not the name of the experience of using other similar devices - I recommend 4 because of the volumeSee full review


I used to take Ali from the official baseus store. Huh how so. Day and night. The phone magnetizes perfectly. But the head itself, which is spinning, is very weakSee full review


the quality is lame, well, you should not expect more from China Different pros: It is not difficult to assemble it yourself, but it is better to adjust the speeds from a specialist. Its cons: a week of operation and the pedals fell into disrepair, a bolt fell out of the legSee full review

professional screwdriver set with magnetic bits 24 in 1 , screwdriver with bits , for phone, tablet, laptop, and precision work with a set of bits . logo

If you do not find fault with the quality of the body like the norms. Some pros: All in stock, case without scratches. 6024A is indicated in the ad, but 6024B came. Has cons: Curved body, plastic. The handle is plastic, although the description states that the handle is coated alloy. The pen is very weak magnet, it barely holds oneSee full review


Excellent, very comfortable and reliable chair. Holds back well. The cross is made of high quality plastic. We are very pleased with the purchase. For a primary school student, the mostSee full review

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