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Review on 🛍️ Convenient Plastic Ziplock Assorted 3 9X5 2 Reclosable Bags for Daily Use by Amanda Castillo

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Plastic Ziplock A trifle. And so versatile - my review about it

Good day! I want to ask you. Have you ever lingered in the market for a long time at the kiosks where various small things are sold - plastic cups, bags and various nonsense? Not? But in vain. In our markets you can find out so much useful information that you start to wonder who is standing in front of you, a seller or a florist. And what am I leading up to? Yes, everything is very simple. Many people know that I collect violets, and accordingly I am engaged in breeding them. And for this I need large quantities of different sizes of cups, sticks, stickers and many more different little things. So, on one of these trips, when I needed small bags, I was kindly offered to use grippers and they also gave me a free consultation, and I didn’t even give the seller a hint why I needed the bags. As a result, a huge number of pieces of this little thing appeared in my house. I can’t say that I didn’t have them and I didn’t use them. Of course I used it, only for other purposes. First about the packages, and then about the use. Cellophane bags. There are a great variety of sizes, from small to large. These packages are 10x18 cm in size. Why am I writing the size? In order that some, when reading a review, will need just such. The package has a zip fastener, hence the name zip package. The fasteners are reliable, they are in the bag and create a vacuum. Some examples of using packages. I store various little things in these - batteries, paper clips, fish food and other little things. This is someone who has enough imagination. I also like to freeze cat food in them. Very comfortably. I cut meat, heart, kidneys into pieces, mix everything, put it in bags and put it in the freezer. A serving of food can be easily thawed in the microwave. Packages do not melt in it. I have used the packages several times. And here is another application of these packages. Rooting and cultivation of planting material of violets. Note to all flower growers: cuttings of any indoor flowers, even citrus cuttings, can be rooted in this way. You can not put a glass in the bag, but simply pour earth into it and plant a plant. The part of the bag above the zip fastener allows you to make a small hole without breaking the vacuum, so that the bag can be hung (if there is nowhere to put it) which is basically what I do. Here is such a metal ladder by the window, hung with zip-bags with children of violets. Old unnecessary paper clips, which are also stored in such packages, also go here. As you can see, the thing is necessary not only in the household, but also in floriculture. I recommend to all. A nice little thing will always come in handy.

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  • Small things, but with such a range of applications!
  • There is a marriage in the wholesale.

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