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Review on Samsung Galaxy S10E GSM Unlocked πŸ“± Phone with Dual 12MP Camera and 128GB Storage by Bambang K Masruri ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Feel free to buy, for such a price, the quality is simply amazing.

Great phone. I took it in November 2022 at Amazon, new. Hooked 2 shares: 1. When buying an accessory in the amount of 1k - a discount of 10 2. I handed over the old iPhone 4 and received a discount of another 10 In total, the phone cost 27k, which I consider a very good deal. This phone was purchased to replace my then A70. I am satisfied with the phone, though I had to get used to the screen resolution of 5.8 inches (instead of 6.7 inches for A-shki). A fairly good main camera (the front camera is a little soapy and seems to discolor the image), a lot of memory to store these pictures. Although the phone on Keksinus (Samsung Exynos 9820) - the phone does not slow down, does not lag, does not suffer from foolishness. A fairly juicy screen, although compared to the S7, it is not as bright and the colors are not quite saturated. For a long time, the fingerprint scanner in the on-off button of the screen seemed to me a plus, but the phone can really be unlocked in this way if the phone is in the right hand. On the left hand, I could not add fingers to unlock normally the first time. I really like the phone externally, I have an aquamarine color - it looks unusual. It is quite thin, and this affected the battery, which, by the way, has to be charged 2 times a day, because. I use my phone a lot. My first phone with stereo speakers, the sound is awesome. First, I set the ringtone to the maximum - it screamed so that it was heard on the second floor of the office. It plays loud and clear, the music does not wheeze. In general, I note that the phone is good, 26-27k is not a pity for it. The money that they are asking for it now - I definitely would not give it away.

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  • + screen; + ergonomics; + price (at the time of purchase); + headphone jack, which allows the phone to charge and listen to music at the same time; + fast and wireless charging; + speed and smoothness of the system; + stereo speakers; + screen without round edges; + beautiful appearance, if worn without a case; + very cool gestures (replacement for control buttons); + function: side lighting and quick access panel.
  • - fingerprint sensor in the on-off button of the screen; - not quite stable camera (or I just don't know how to take pictures); - wildly infuriates that SPay does not work until the system is ated; - frontalka lathers and slightly discolors the photo (not saturated colors); - weak battery - no indicator of notifications and missed calls; - heating the phone.

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November 30, 2022
Very happy with the purchase.
November 16, 2022
on the android platform, this device is still a good choice if compactness is important
November 16, 2022
small fits in any pocket

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