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Review on Additor by Dana Mahendra

Great tool for real time collaboration, especially for remote teams

The best feature is that it integrates with Slack so you can send messages to all of team members at once rather than emailing each one individually, which saves time! It's also easy enough anyone in our office could use without having any previous experience or training required (we have very little IT staff).

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There are some minor bugs - sometimes I will lose my place when browsing through different tabs while reading an article/post from someone else- otherwise this program has been great!! We're able solve most problems using search features within additors but we've found other programs more useful as well since they do certain things better like creating templates etc..

Pros & cons

  • Easy
  • Looks good for beginners who don't know how everything works yet
  • Great support system if anything goes wrong.
  • Ease factor
  • Some disadvantages

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