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MINIX Certified Chromecast Assistant Official

This field is configured by default for Google TV and Real Madrid service. The main function of the platform is Google TV, Real Madrid is the main player, you need a Real Madrid account to prevent application polishing. The shop is also very limited. The box, unlike Apple TVOS, is reconfigurable and the file link is compatible, allowing you to create your own custom entertainment. This Android operating system is expected to receive an automatic update.See full review

toddler thick cotton winter thermal logo

Toddler Thick Cotton Winter Thermal

Excellent thickness and softness. Washed often, quality is good. I'm so glad I made a good purchase and received my money's worth! Bought for a girl and a boy. They love the design, plus I find it easy to separate them. We don't wear shoes in the house, so the kids go there instead of slippers. They are very stretchy which is ideal for fast growing feet. They are too thick to wear with most running shoes. I bought these for the winter and wore them with boots to keep the kids warm and comfortable in them. The thread inside does not come loose. I no longer buy thick socks from local stores because the quality and durability don't justify the high prices. I will buy more in the future. Too bad they sold the same adult size item.See full review

uhkz 20mm nylon elastic watch bands compatible with samsung galaxy watch active 2 44mm 40mm/watch 3 41mm/galaxy watch 42mm/gear s2 logo

UHKZ 20Mm Nylon Elastic Watch Bands Compatible With Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 44Mm 40Mm/Watch 3 41Mm/Galaxy Watch 42Mm/Gear S2

I used to get frustrated with not wearing a watch in the summer because the plastic bracelet made my wrist too sweaty. This strap fits my Samsung Galaxy watch perfectly. And took care of my problem. I turn on the water lock on the watch and wash the strap with a drop of soap - it's very easy to keep clean. The strap has a quirky 3D texture that I wasn't expecting. Reminds me of the chair pads my parents had when I was growing up. It took a little getting used to. But now it's kind of a comforting sensual thing lolSee full review

oznet systems inc. logo

OzNet Systems Inc.

The customer support team at OZNET were very helpful, both before we signed up for anything as well after it was installed in our system! They are always available to help out should any issues arise or questions be asked; they do so quickly too sometimes within minutes of my asking them. Definitely recommend this software!! I've used other chat programs but not one that allows you all access from anywhere which makes things easier than having multiple logins/passwords etc.- just get your friends onboard using Group Chat if needed though because once logged into their own account some people can still see what others have said even when closed down by themselves (but don't worry about privacy concerns) - its awesome how easy communication becomes over group chats rather then through text messages only where everyone has time restraints like me haha:-).See full review

totes boys michael snow boot boys' shoes logo

Totes Boys Michael Snow Boot Boys' Shoes

Exactly as stated

The boots were bought for my autistic son who has had many problems with other winter boots and linings before. These boots fit him perfectly and he wears them without complaint. My only wish is that they come with laces and not a tongue. He likes his shoes to be fairly tightly laced and sometimes has trouble tying them properly so his tongue doesn't come off. Otherwise I would definitely buy again.See full review

fortnite officially licensed character graphic boys' clothing for tops, tees & shirts logo

FORTNITE Officially Licensed Character Graphic Boys' Clothing for Tops, Tees & Shirts

Print not scaled down

T-shirt print not cut to size. This is a boys (teens) size. You can see the print goes down the shirt and not at all like the photos shown. You can see how ridiculous the print looks, especially in the 2nd photo. I would like to return it but it was a very special gift for my son and he was so delighted with it.See full review

timatego toddler leather uniform outdoor logo

TIMATEGO Toddler Leather Uniform Outdoor

Difficult to put on.

I love these shoes and the quality of the materials but the tongue is so tight that it is very difficult and impossible for my kids to put them on by themselves. If they improved the design in this regard, this would be the perfect shoe for kids at a great price. You should go one size up if your kid is medium height or has a wide foot (imo).See full review

kamik boys rocket2 strong toddler logo

Kamik Boys Rocket2 Strong Toddler

After reading reviews to get an idea of sizing. Against my better knowledge, I ordered her true size. And yes, they were too small. The boots are excellent, very good quality, the lining is almost the same as Thinsultae, so what could be the problem with the size? My daughter has very narrow feet and I still had to order a size up.See full review

pura vida gold seafoam bracelet logo

Pura Vida Gold Seafoam Bracelet

Cute whatever they are. Comfortable to wear. Looks great with other bracelets. While it holds up well, I wear it all the time (I've only used it for a little over a week), it's adjustable. I have small wrists. A bit expensive for what it is. but again, nice.Addition. I have. Been wearing it for over a year, shower, pool etc. Never tarnish and stays shiny. Get compliments all the timeSee full review

sslr flowers cotton casual hawaiian logo

SSLR Flowers Cotton Casual Hawaiian

Excellent purchase!

Bought these shorts for my son's birthday Luau. They fit fantastic, the fabric is strong yet comfortable, the pattern looked amazing and everyone loved them!See full review

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