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Review on Columbia PFG Dorado Electron πŸ‘Ÿ Men's Athletic Shoes - Regular Fit by Gerson Lagerquist

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Comfortable and beautiful shoes

My first thoughts on the Columbia PFG shoes. First, they fit perfectly, I was glad of that. Although I wear a size 10 shoe, I sometimes come across shoes that need to be a size larger or smaller than a size 10 to fit properly. This always confused me as I thought 10 should be 10. The Columbia PFG shoes look beautiful. I like gray and yellow with a bit of blue. The inside of the shoe is made of rubber material, not fabric. The sides of the shoes are made of canvas/cloth material. It took me a while to get used to the rubber surface when wearing shoes with socks. It catches on the socks when you put them on and makes them look fake. I just loosen the shoes more and undo the velcro at the top of the shoe when I put them on and that helps. It's just unlike any shoe I've worn in the past. Haven't tried wearing them barefoot yet but will when I go fishing. So far I've used them for running and only wear them around town. They are comfortable to wear and I don't notice any rubbing that could affect my comfort when I wear them all day when needed. the ability to quickly remove shoes. Some shoes in the past have always untied my laces, no matter how well I tighten the knots I tie. And then, with tight knots, it's difficult to undo the shoe to put it back on. So it's a nice feature that I appreciate. At this stage the shoe is holding up well and I don't see any issues with wear and nothing on the shoe falling apart. However, this should be the case with every new shoe. I will update this review after a few months of wearing or if anything has changed in the meantime. However, I see no reason why this should change. They appear to be very well made. Overall I really like the Columbia PFG shoes, they have become my new favorite shoe and will buy them again when the time comes to replace them as no shoe lasts forever.

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  • Worn all week on vacation, feel great. Also light on the feet. They look great there.
  • Shoes are not very fashionable and do not make a good impression