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Review on Boost Performance with Kingston 480GB A400 SATA 3 2.5-inch Internal SSD SA400S37/480G - Ideal HDD Replacement Solution by Wendy Rodriguez

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A way to speed up your PC. Not the top SSD, but a decent option and at an affordable cost.

To be honest, some unique features of SSD drives that are now fashionable do not come to my mind, so that only thanks to them these drives can be recommended to everyone. At the moment, this is just a pursuit of fashion by and large. I am well aware of the huge advantages SDD has over HDD in terms of speed, size, noise, and so on. All this is really cool, only SSD memory has a few drawbacks. I think one of them is real, the second is a fairy tale. What are we talking about? I see a wild price tag for one gigabyte of SSD memory at the moment - this is a real drawback. False - a limited resource. Yes, the life of the SSD should be shorter than the life of the HDD, and this is due to the limited number of write / rewrite cycles. But this disadvantage goes into the void for people who do not digest hundreds of gigabytes of information daily. It will take 10 years to kill an SSD while working with information in normal use, and during this time the drive itself will become obsolete a hundred times and will most likely be replaced with a more modern piece of hardware earlier. I think it's clear what I mean. But the high price does not mean that you cannot find an affordable model for yourself on the market. For a system, for example, with a head, a 120 GB SSD drive is enough. In addition to Windows, it will also fit all programs and at least one heavy toy (as a rule, they try to throw an online game so that speed plays into the hands of the player in battles). These discs are relatively cheap. I, after a short but thorough search, chose the Kingston A400 SSD drive. It is not the fastest and, of course, far from the top models in all respects, but with it the system loads with lightning speed, programs fly, games too, and the price does not bite. Priorities always decide. I bought for 1720 rubles, and now you can find 200 rubles cheaper. What I did not like was the weak packaging of the SSD drive. Of course, ordinary HDDs are generally stupidly put in a package, which is completely bad, but there is still cardboard packaging, and besides, the SSD can withstand light shocks without problems, which ordinary hard drives do not experience, but still I would like more reliable packaging. The Kingston A400 SSD rests, as you can see, under a plastic "cover" on a cardboard substrate. This is the whole set. The body of the SSD Kingston A400 is made of plastic, in my opinion, although some sources claim that the case is metal. Maybe, but it feels like brittle plastic. In any case, the case is made with high quality, without gaps, nothing cracks anywhere during operation, the operation is ABSOLUTELY SILENT, the heating during work with data is negligible (the programs did not show more than 43 degrees) and the size of the drive is tiny (form factor 2.5). The real volume of SSD can become a surprise. 120 GB is declared, but only 111 is available. A completely ugly number, but this amount of memory is still enough for your eyes if you put a system, programs and one or two games on this disk. Nine missing gigs will not make the weather. In addition, memory is not just missing, but performs very important functions, thanks to which the SSD will live a long and carefree life. Many users immediately look for information in the SMART section of the Aida 64 program, and I was no exception. This section displays a whole bunch of all sorts of data, but not a computer guru needs it. Why do I go there? The resource is interesting, that is, how many percent of "health" the disk has left. After installing the system and all other crap, the disk wear was 99%, and when I saw this figure, I almost farted. Can you imagine a new disk and firewood for it right away? It's like I had when I bought a new HDD Weathern Dygytal in Citylink e-discounter. It turned out that this was just false information that appeared due to the recording of a huge amount of information at a time. A few days later, the remaining resource became 99%, that is, the situation changed in my favor. You should not expect lightning-fast data writing to a Kingston SSD drive, but this is only if there is something to compare with from the SSD family. The reason is that Kingston A400 is probably the slowest of this clan. However, its speed is not comparable to any HDD. Any file opens at the moment, the operating system is loaded in a matter of seconds from it, data arrays fly almost instantly. What else do you need for such a modest price? In any case, you need to understand that this drive is bufferless and the high data transfer rate is only at first (by the way, SATA 3 and 2 interfaces with a bandwidth of 6 and 3 Gb / s, respectively), and then it drops dramatically, which should be seen in the screenshots if I remember to attach them. It's just all the little things for people I read what computer geniuses write about this disk. To put it mildly, they are not happy, but their opinion does not coincide with mine, so I will recommend Kingston A400 120 Gb SSD. On the market you can find an SSD cheaper than this with the same characteristics, but it will most likely be a no-name brand, and Kingston has long won the trust of millions of users. In addition, let me remind you that this solid state is one of the most affordable at the moment. What then is it all about? Brief specifications from official sources: - 3 year warranty - storage capacity 120 GB - SATA 3 interface (6 Gb/s) - TLC memory chip (practically the very bottom with a relatively low read / write speed and a reduced resource, but the latter does not mean that the disk will die before the warranty period, the latter does not mean anything at all. Like from 500 to 1000 rewrite cycles, the disk with TLC will be pulled out ) - the maximum declared data reading speed is 500 mb / s - the maximum declared data recording speed is 320 Mb / s - a resource of 40 TBW (the total amount of memory that can be written to SSD with guarantee, which again does not say anything about further problems). Advantages of SSD drive Kingston A400 120 Gb: + affordable price + will revive any sleepy PC (or laptop, if you can connect) + the speed of work is very pleasing (after life with various HDDs, this is noticeably real) + small dimensions and weight + works completely silently + does not overheat + the resource will last for 10 years Disadvantages of SSD drive Kingston A400 120 Gb: - the declared speed does not match the actual one (although in the tests the information always comes out different) - fast write speed only at the very beginning, and then it drops noticeably (feature of bufferless SSDs) - well, let TLC and 40 TBW (although I don’t see a problem in this). By the way, it is also worth mentioning that there are two camps of "geniuses" - some are dissatisfied with the described drive, while others (no less authoritative) on the contrary award him a conditional "best choice" award. So think.

img 1 attached to Boost Performance with Kingston 480GB A400 SATA 3 2.5-inch Internal SSD SA400S37/480G - Ideal HDD Replacement Solution review by Wendy Rodriguez

  • Affordable price; speed; silently works; does not overheat; the resource will last for 10 years; revive any sleepy PC/laptop
  • Packaging is weak; the declared speed does not match the actual speed; high write speed only at the very beginning; TLC and 40 TBW

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