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Review on Visallo by Charles Lewellen

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Very helpful in preparing data efficiently

I like this tool as much as the tool I used to create reports using Excel. This is much better at finding patterns and identifying trends, but you still need someone who can figure out how to use Excel very well to do what you want. I think my problem was I never figured it out. It's easier now, so maybe I will get better results with less effort and time. I wish there were other types of graphs and charts available too, but these ones work pretty good. I've only been using it during the COVID crisis, and I haven't heard that there's any new information on how to use it since then. You're looking for ways to show people you're taking care of them without having to spend money. If you want to show your boss how they can use this thing to see how you're doing compared to everyone else, this is perfect! For COVID I created graphs comparing to other companies I like how quickly you can navigate through all your reports within one dashboard/interface without having multiple tabs open (which is hard when using excel). It also makes finding information easier since everything has been organized into categories instead of scrolling around trying find what i am looking for! There isn't anything specific right now but will definitely try out some new features once they come up so far no complaints!!

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  • Allows me easy accessability
  • Easy way keep track in realtime.
  • Pretty simple interface which doesn’t require extensive training or knowledge about computers; just learn basic Microsoft office skills if possible
  • Can be easily incorporated by anyone even those not tech savvy enough
  • Good but not great