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Review on ViewSonic VX2458 MHD Monitor FreeSync Flicker Free 144Hz, Blue Light Filter, ‎VX2458-MHD-CR by Joe Gray

Pixel errors, the driver installer does not recognize the display, the base wobbles.

Obviously these monitors have quality issues. I have one with a dead pixel (see attached image). It's just not worth sending it back for a replacement so I'll take care of that. But in a few months I will definitely buy it to replace ASUS. However, I will not buy another Viewsonic display. Uh-uh. Also, none of the available drivers will work with this monitor. So don't plan on getting the correct Windows color management profile for it (more required for TN than IPS due to poorer color accuracy). It's literally impossible - the installer just reports no display detected and nothing available in color management. Colors will be poor, and there's not much you can do about it without some manual work (and honestly, you're better off just waiting and buying an IPS gaming monitor for a bit more if you want to waste that much time ). May I recommend it? nope There isn't much better. Sometimes even for the same price. The base is also quite wobbly. What I like is that the power supply is inside the monitor. This way you don't have to mess around with the power supply. Uses a plug similar to any PC power supply (the 3-pin female connects to the monitor and the male connects to the wall). The display seems to be too bright. You need to turn the brightness down to 20% or less to avoid headaches during long gaming sessions. The default value (50+) is blindingly bright. Also change the color mode to sRBG in the settings. It doesn't seem to change colors any differently, but it does lower the brightness of the screen. Pooh. I hate TN displays. I will change it to 144Hz IPS ASAP and only use it on PS4. Gaming performance is decent (FreeSync works great with AMD GPUs - enabled by default and automatically detected by Radeon Software). However, I doubt the 1ms claim. I don't think it's 1ms. So you have to use another kind of measurement or not report the G2G time). I cannot recommend this monitor. Even Specter monitors are better

img 1 attached to ViewSonic VX2458 MHD Monitor FreeSync Flicker Free 144Hz, Blue Light Filter, ‎VX2458-MHD-CR review by Joe Gray

Pros & cons

  • ‎ViewSonic
  • Item arrived with a scratch, see photo.

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