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Review on KYY 4K Portable Monitor 3840X2160 Computer 15.6", Blue Light Filter, Built-In Speakers, Tilt Adjustment, K3-3, HD by Michael Reilly

KYY great customer support

I previously had a problem with a missing cable, the KYY support team reached out and offered to fix it. I want more sellers to have better customer service and take care of the buyer after the sale is completed. My years on this planet have taught me one thing: the way you treat a customer is your own way. Thank you KYY The monitor itself is amazing, well made from metal rather than plastic. It has a matte display that doesn't suffer from annoying glare like glossy screens, but colors are still vibrant for the most part, though not as vibrant as a glossy screen, but for me it's a portable monitor that will run under a lot of tricky lighting situations I would have taken a matte screen every day. The port selection is amazing, with two USB-C ports and a mini HDMI port (there's no room for a full-size HDMI port on this unit). I have yet to try the mini HDMI port, but the USB-C port works amazingly well. I have many laptops (MacBook Pro, Mac Book Air, Surface Pro 7 and HP Specter 13) and all of them were able to power the display without an AC adapter. I tried the AC adapter, it's not that big, but it won't be enough to power the monitor and laptop at the same time. I would like to have foldable pens, but that would be difficult as this device is sold worldwide and creating custom adapters for each region increases the cost. I like that the device comes with a case. Although there are multiple angle adjustment options, the stepped angle allows you to fold the front flap onto itself to protect the monitor from sliding off. I wish the front flap was a bit thicker to better protect the screen when put in a backpack. But you don't have to complain about a freebie in a box. The controls on the monitor have a button and a rocker that can also be pressed to select. It took me a little time to get used to the controls, but it has plenty of customization options. For the price I'm honestly surprised. For color grading people, you should be able to calibrate this display to your liking. 4K YouTube content on this monitor is amazing for the price. There are obviously better displays out there with OLED, mini-LED and ultra-fast refresh rates, but again the quality is above the asking price in this price range.

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