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Review on Tall Slim Rolling Laundry Hamper With Breathable Mesh Liner & Wheels - Caroeas Waterproof & Dustproof Laundry Cart (White) by Teresa Sparks

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Does not hold up well

I bought two of these to replace the ones I currently have in my home. They fit great under the vanity area of my sink/counterspace where a stool/chair would traditionally go in your bathroom. You can easily fit three of these tall and slim ones there - which was my main purpose in trying to get these. I bought these at the end of February and now, at the end of May, both are falling apart.The mesh inside these hampers are VERY thin and will NOT hold up to medium or heavy loads if you try to take the bag itself out of the hamper. I feel like they would tear if I pulled too hard trying to lift it out of the hamper.which is fine, since they have wheels so I rolled them to my laundry room instead. The wheels are ok, works on carpet and is at a good height to be pulled without having to bend over to reach the pull handle sewn into the side. The bad part about pulling it, however, was now the whole hamper had to shoulder the weight of the laundry pre and post wash (I throw all the laundry in and the mesh bag and then, after the dryer, take out the bag to place back in, and then fill the basket with the now-clean laundry to dump onto my bed to fold). One of the bars that hold up the sides of the hamper has broken from being pulled back and forth and the others have bent from the loads in one hamper and the sides of the other hamper are starting to wear thin. The material of the hampers were already pretty flimsy and papery feeling before being used.I am surprised that there aren't more holes in these. It is thicker than paper, but does not quite have a fabric-like feel to it. I would return them if I was still in the window to do so. I really wanted to like the height, slimness, and wheeled design.but if I cant fill the hampers up to the top with clothes and have it function well over time, then what's the point of the taller design? One basket was used for towels or thicker items like jeans and pants and the other for everyday clothes. I do not pack them in, but I DO fill it up.

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  • Perfect fit and stylish.
  • The hamper doesn't have a lid to fully conceal laundry