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Review on HP Pavilion Processor TG01 2460 E249W 19203R, LED, HD by Quenton Kearns

Good 1080 game on a budget

Being in the middle of a pandemic as well as anyone looking to mine bitcoin makes it impossible to get any PC components. So you have to settle for what you can get and pray it doesn't cost a kidney or liver in the process. Many people who want to game always aim for the stars and want high-performance GPUs that are powerful and powerful, but expensive. much and most of the time underused. Most fast games don't use a powerful GPU. And a high-end GPU is wasted anyway if you have a $200 budget monitor. So let me continue with the review of this HP gaming desktop. So the specs aren't really impressive with a 5300g CPU, a 5500 GPU and 8GB RAM. However, for serious 1080 gaming, they are great. The Ryzen 5 series unquestionably outperforms all 11th Gen Intel processors and below, and the 5500 is equivalent to 3060 RTX or 2070 RTX. For one reason or another, this 5500 works a lot better than my 6500 I have on another computer, which is very strange, but I can't complain. The NVME drive in this HP is great and has insane bandwidth. The Achilles heel with this setup is the amount of Aries she has. It only has 8GB, which is honestly enough for most people and more than enough for all 1080 games. However, this did not affect games, but people who use multiple monitors and run many applications on them. I edit and research a lot, so I have Photoshop, Illustrator and many websites open on my computer, which consumes a lot of RAM. Luckily, DDR4 RAM is very cheap now, and 8GB more can easily be bought for $20-$30 or less. Adding that small amount of extra RAM is God's gift for multitasking with this system. Overall, for the price and availability, this is a 5 star system. For the total cost of this system, you're not even getting an average graphics card. However, this system as a whole does a great job on all tasks and makes the game enjoyable. Not to mention that instead of waiting another year for your GPU during this huge backlog, you'll be playing now!

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