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Review on 1800wheelchair by Olukayode Oyelami


This platform is the home of different Wheelchairs, accessory, furniture, walkers and other product. It has prove itself trustworthy for any years, it has good tracking records.

I like the platform because it is user friendly, it has live chat that can be access by anyone to make any needed enquiries, and make communication very easy. It has Telephone contact, email address and social medial platform. It offers discount rate for making certain order amount of orders, this in opinion this is amazing ideal it is one of the best way to enticed the customer.

Putting of the information and product in categories make the platform to be well arrange and easy to navigate. I also like the way the platform structure in the ways that searches can be narrow down to what you are looking for.

the platform also offers financial support, the payment can be structure in monthly bases. I find the platform to be user friendly, all the tools to make ordering and shipping very easy are made available.

Master card, Visa card, discover and other are widely acceptable as the means of payment. I will like the team behind the platform to add cryptocurrency among the payment means, this on it own will bring a lot advantage to the platform.

Pros & cons

  • The platform has varieties of wheelchairs
  • live chat is available
  • Easy to use platform
  • The platform has discount price
  • It accepted credit card
  • Buying now and pay again latter arrangement
  • More languages should be added
  • Cryptocurrency should be added as means of payment